Diazotization Titration or Nitrite Titration. Diazotization is used in the analysis of aromatic compounds containing an amino group in the. View Notes – from ECH at University of Florida. Diazotization titration (Nitrite Titration) Mr. V. M. Patil Assistant Professor & PG. Quantitative estimation of Eflornithine by Nitrite (Diazotization) titration Here the amino group of Eflornithine is diazotized with sodium nitrite solution in.

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Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Based on this, titraiton amino compounds are classified into two main groups. Registration Forgot your password?

Then the electrodes are connected to the potentiometer and slowly titrated with sodium nitrite solution until a permanent deflection is observed at the end point. This method is first used in the determination of dyes.

Diazotization Titrations

Used in the determination of the ephedrine. After diazotization, one drop of the resulting solution is placed on the starch iodide paper which changes into dark colour. For example, the aminophenol is readily oxidized by the nitrous acid and converted to the quinones in the presence of copper sulphate solution and forms the diazo oxide compounds. When sodium nitrite is reacted with the hydrochloric acid sodium chloride and nitrous acid are formed. Disadvantage of fragility, imperfections in the bulb may cause error.


What are the example drugs assayed by the diazotization titrimetry? Selective for the all types of sulphonamides.

A Seminar on Potentiometric and Diazotization Titrations

The following conditions are required for the diazotization titration of the amino group containing samples. What are the conditions required for the diazotization titrimetry? Volumetric or titrimetric analysis are among the most useful and accurate analytical techniques, especially. The diazonium salts formed are not stable at elevated diiazotization. In non-aqueous titrations, usually, the milli volt scale of potentiometer is used rather than pH scale since the potential of the non-aqueous systems exceed the pH scale.

Used in the determination of the P -amino benzoic acid vitamin B 4. Sulphanilic acid and anthranilic acid. After the end point, addition of further ions does not affect the concentration of the complex so that the titration curve has almost horizontal portion after the equivalence point. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Pharmaceutical Analysis by P. D. Chaithanya Sudha

In this method, the primary aromatic amine is reacted with ciazotization sodium nitrite in acidic medium to form a diazonium salt. The principle involved in this method is that the primary aromatic amine present in the sample reacts with the sodium nitrite in the presence of acid such as hydrochloric acid to obtain a diazonium salt. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The diazotization gitration is nothing but the conversion of the primary aromatic amine to a diazonium compound. The accurately weighed sample is added to the 5 ml of HCl and 50 ml of distilled water.

Hence the non-aqueous titrimetric method is used. Conant and Hall in described the behaviour of bases in glacial acetic acid. The next method for the detection of the end point in the diazotization titration is by adding the potassium iodide to the nitrous acid with excess acid which liberates the iodine.

The end point is determined by the above-mentioned methods. Used in the determination of the dopamine. The colour produced is not stable. The indicator electrodes must readily come into equilibrium with one of the ions. The general procedure is followed by weighing the sample and transferring it into the standard flask.

This process was first discovered in and was applied to diazotizaation synthetic dye industry. Lowitz first prepared the moisture-free solvents non-aqueous solvents.

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