Die Fledermaus: Libretto (G. Schirmer’s Collection of Opera Librettos) [Johann Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). English . Like Die lustige Witwe, Die Fledermaus had a libretto based on a French comedy by Henri Meilhac, this time written in conjunction with his. Sheet Music – £ – The libretto to this famous Strauss operetta is presented in paperback format and is clearly laid out with the usual scene and stage.

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There is no question of romance here. Have you been long- in this watering place, Chevalier? I sent for you? Do tell, do tell us what’s occurred! He has comforted me. When such suspicions, fie, for shame.

Alfred is heard singing behind the scene. Have pity on me!

Yes, he only is to blame. And I have come to wish you luck, too, the extra three days are always something for which you ought to give the Court a cordial vote of thanks. A Marchioness from France behold. That we shall improve our acquaintance. Come, my partner be! We must try and cheer our poor convict up a bit. You are talking of the bat? And surely I’ve such tiny feet — Oh! Get out Frosch — now do you believe me. It is too extraordinary, this likeness.

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Maid with the fiery glance, Only with thee I’ll dance ; Quick, give your arm to me. I’ll go to the supper instead.

That is the famous spoon bait. Frank [talking to people outside the door.

You are talking awful nonsense. Macmillan, London and New York, Band, mark the measure — ha!

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We are not alone. Perhaps it’s only one. Probably the Mademoiselle Olga, my sister, your [Turning Orlofsky. My dear, I don’t know what to say.

Stop, if you can ; Tve a new plan!

Die Fledermaus (Libretto) – Strauss II, Johann (Jr)

I thank you sincerely. It must be the gin [clingijig to a chair. Many myths have grown up around the show and its original success or non-success, particularly in Vienna. Send to the cellar, my dear. Do not fret, etc.

Die Fledermaus (Libretto)

He’ll stay till day is breaking, Why doesn’t he go? Perhaps I can catch him outside.

Now Doctor, keep your promise, and tell us about that excellent joke of yours. But if we should have bad luck? No joke at all. Yes, no one else but he’s to blame.

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Very well, I’ll convince you. Can we make him— she and I — Swallow lots of humble pie, And himself for mercy cry? You’re trying- to pull my leg”.

Get dressed for the prison? Joy, I’m hoping, crowns my wooing. It was played at Szeged the following year, and only in did a version ad Lajos Evva arrive in Budapest. My letter has had its effect.

What do you mean? I thank you for the title “Chevalier”; “Governor of the Gaol” would hardly do in this company.