The research subject was “Problemi legati ai dissipatori sismici” (Problems linked to the seismic dampers), supervisors: prof. Antonio Tralli and Alessandra. Structural solutions and post-tensioning systems. L’efficacia dei dissipatori viscosi è evidente nella simulazione numerica, in cui nei sistemi dotati di “base-isolation” Edificio di media altezza: dinamica sismica.

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We strive to push our vast experience towards new methods and variations of applications, developing ingenious solutions for new buildings or infrastructures, as well as for the rehabilitation of the existing ones.

Structural engineering and post tensioning systems. Edinburgh, England, September Accepted December 06, Since then, he has continued collaboration with Prof. Frederico Ulrich, Sala Moreira de Maia.

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He worked as a bridge engineer between and Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. ForcelliniDOI: Oct 31,DOI: Cerisano KovacevicDOI: Ahmed Elgamal and Prof. Tensa will supply all the PT technologies for the construction of three main complexes: Bandi, concorsi e selezioni.


International Journal of New Technology and Research, vol. Soil Structure Interaction assessment with advanced numerical simulations. The metre Signature Bridge is an eight-lane carriageway that will reduce the travel time between north and northeast Delhi, connecting the Outer Ring Road on the western bank of the Yamuna river with Wazirabad Road on the eastern side.

Performance Based Earthquake engineering approach applied to bridges in a road network. Seismic assessment of soil structure interaction on several isolated bridge configurations adopting a PBEE methodology.

He completed his Ph.

Monteluco di Roio – Facoltà di ingegneria – dissipatori si… | Flickr

The bridge will also serve as a dissipagori destination, with the metre-high glass box offering a bird’s eye view of the city. Durability of Bridge Structures.

Follow us on Facebook Linkedin. Last week, Delhi’s new Signature Bridge has been opened to traffic! Seismic resilience Seismic protection of historical buildings Pubblicazioni Forcellini D.

Tensa – Head Office. We value timely execution and service as keys to build long-tem relationships with our clients.

Monteluco di Roio – Facoltà di ingegneria – dissipatori sismici

Numerical simulations of liquefaction phenomena after Emilia Romagna 20 May earthquake. Sincehe has been teaching at University of San Marino. Numerical simulations of liquefaction phenomena after Emilia Romagna 20 May Earthquake. Our Mission dissipatkri to constantly improve the methods and the quality of construction processes through research, innovation and cooperation with designers, engineers and contractors worldwide.


Your challenges, our solutions. Capetown, South Africa, September TENSA is supervising the assembly of all the post tensioned slabs with monostrand bonded system, supplying all the material and devices for the installation of tendons.

Sismicci of Statistical Science and Application, vol.

New projects in Italy! Sito web non disponibile. Accepted 7 November What we do Stay cables. Case studies on several isolated bridge configurations adopting a performance based design approach. Kelly at UC Berkeley.

Accepted April 27, ; posted ahead of print April 30,