Operating Systems supported for the Drobo 5N include: •. OS X x Lion. •. OS X x Mountain Lion. •. Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 or later, bit and bit). This product has a serial number that uniquely identifies the item. Should your order go missing before it arrives, Amazon may register the serial number with. The 5N is one of Drobo’s most popular network-attached storage products. Drobo designed the 5N to bridge the gap between performance and.

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Drobo 5n 5-bay NAS Storage Array With Gigabit Ethernet DRDS4A21 | eBay

There rdobo plenty of products that offer decent storage capabilities out there, but they often compromise on usability and are targeted at people with technology expertise. Security also forms a major part of the device. Koken is also handy, giving photographers a way to manage and publish their photos. Our 5nn The Drobo 5N does pretty much all the hard work, making it a hassle-free choice if you’re seeking expandable storage.

The 5N is quite chunky, so it may look odd next to a standard internet box. Then, you can connect it up to your router using the Ethernet cable. It can also perform zero-support drive pack migration, meaning you crobo have to worry about drive order, downtime or compatibility.

Using DroboPix, you have a way to backup photos and videos stored on your iPhone or iPad. Introduction Next Page Verdict.


The latter lets you control and customize the 5N. For Easy to set up Works straight away Expandable design Affordable. However, before you actually power it up, Drobo recommends that you download all the correct computer software first – namely the Drobo Dashboard.

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You can use older drives with the 5N, too. The beauty here is that the 5N is quick and easy to set up. You can make use of a whole host of beneficial solutions and services through the Drobo Apps platform as well.

In terms of dimensions, it has a width of 5. The 5N actively searches for data corruption issues and replaces the need for you to conduct searches manually.

And it aims to keep your data safe at the same time. With so many storage and network solutions on the market already, Drobo needed drogo set 5N apart.

Drobo 5N | TechRadar

Drobo, a company well-known for its storage products and solutions, wants to change this with the Drobo 5N. You simply have to download the app onto the Drobo Dashboard, create a new folder and take a photo of the QR code provided by Drobo.

Transfers happen over your Wi-Fi connection to protect you from cellular data charges, and the app only takes a few simple steps to set up. You can access WordPress too. Against Uninspiring design Feels cheap Drive door is fiddly.


News Reviews Insights TechRadar. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. And DroboAccess lets you view files, photos and videos stored on your 5N through a web browser or the official mobile app.

The market for high-performance storage devices is diverse and constantly growing. There are over a hundred apps to choose from, and they all extend the capabilities of the 5N and other Droho devices.

To do this, it kitted the device out with a plethora of features that improve user experience and performance. To solve this problem, the 5N comes with a back-up battery system that ensures a correct shutdown if power were to be disrupted. For the device to work, you must start with at least two SATA 3.

You can get it up and running within a matter of minutes, which sets it apart from NAS devices. The 5N also sports a set of LED indicators, which are located on the front. The Drobo 5N does pretty much all the hard work, making it a hassle-free choice if you’re seeking expandable storage. You can enable and manage the feature using the Drobo Dashboard, like all the other apps and services.

You just need to ensure you download the right version to work with your device.