Arming the System. Check the following items before arming the system: Bypass Light. If the “Bypass” light is ON, insure that zones are intentionally bypassed. User Manuals · Request a Service · Request a Quote · Security Tips. Call us now on DSC – PC User Manual · DSC – PC User Manual. View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. DSC PC Installation Manual. PC Security System pdf manual download.

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DSC PC1550

Logged Kluless Member Posts: Then, with the system disarmed, activate all detection sensors one at a time and observe the zone light come on at the keypad as each sensor is activated.

Once the correct access code is entered, the “Armed” light will come ON and the keypad sounder will beep quickly.

Logged bcc Member Posts: If the system is being armed and the bell or siren fails to sound, or if the keypad does not sound a tone manula acknowledge that the monitoring station has been manul of the arming, arrange for service for the system.

Enter 1 for zone To confirm transmission, the keypad sounder will beep 6 times. Observe the zone light come ON as each sensor is activated.

  FX2N 232 IF PDF

Each zone used will have connected to it various sensors, such as door or window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors and vibration or shock sensors. Press [ ] to return to Ready. Zone Lights, when ON in the normal operating mode, indicate an open zone. I see I can downloaded a user manual but have been unable to get an Installation manual to default the system back to the original master code.

February 02, If the fire zone is used, activation will cause the signal to sound in a pulsed mode. However, despite frequent testing.

If an error is made entering the code, press the [ ] key and enter pc15550 code again. Did you miss your activation email?

To be certain of the number of devices that you may connect to your line, you may want to contact your local telephone company. I recently purchased a villa in the Caribbean!!!! If the zone is open after 2 minutes or there has been more than one exit, the pre-alert will dec. Contact dzc installer for information on safe methods to activate a smoke detector. Press [ ] to return to ready mode.

PC Installation Manual – Helpdesk

Arm then disarm the panel to silence the signal. If the alarm sounds again, first ensure that there is no threat of fire; you may then silence the alarm and reset the smoke detectors. Transmission of the fire alarm to your monitoring station is delayed for 30 seconds to allow you to cancel possible false alarms.


Press the [F] key. Ensure that they are are not painted shut, and that their locking mechanisms operate smoothly. Press any key to silence keypad beeping. The metal cabinet contains the system electronics, fuses and stand-by battery. SMF – Just Installed! The PC Security System has been designed to give you the greatest possible flexibility and convenience. Read this manual carefully and become familiar with the operation of your Security System.

Old EW tech on October 11, AC Power Failure see Note below Real Knowledge From Real People. If the “Bypass” light is ON, be sure zones are being intentionally bypassed before arming the system see Zone Bypassing.

For example, open a door or window. Unsuccessful Communication Attempt with Monitoring Station Logged LA Member Posts: Log in as a member and I will send you a Private Message with downloading information.

This includes making sure that those who are to perform the rescue can promptly hear the fire warning signal.