Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. I did Aselia, Lusteena, and Tokimi I was thinking Orpha or Esperia, since they are pretty meh characters overall that tend to die easily. She pretty much has the hardest route, some bullshit fights in her route.


Or Uruka, she is awesome and her route asepia some great scenes. She is completely outclassed by Nim and Halion in super hard, except against Blue spirit attackers with strong attacks. Yuuto is a huge faggot.

Will he grow some balls or should I stop playing right now? You can take over other countries and all but those are nameless and every walkthrohgh is wakthrough a take over x in x turns. Just doesn’t get close to Godzilla’s adventures. Story gets really epic after a while and there is no jumping the shark like like Utawarerumono.

And Yuuto isn’t bad at all. He is a bit of a siscon but he is basically stucks into a really shitty place, there isn’t much that he could do. Finally got this motherfucker in mission 14 defend the desert town for 20 turns.

Eien no Aselia character comparison

When you beat Kyouko, and beat this guy, you get walkthrokgh as a reward after each of those two that’s a whooping bonus.

I remember at that point my ‘dream team’ was all around yuuto, halion, selia which made the fight a bit easier, though my other team was much weaker and everyone else was around level As bad as the guy from Valkyria Chronicles.

Got like two missions on A, about three on S, and everything else on SS. I’m loosely following that japanese guide how I should level the characters, and I more or less following it, even though I’m using different characters, and different setups additionally this guide didn’t recommend engaging the dude either.

Haven’t had any problems since a long time ago. Ether will become very abundant near the end of first play through In mission 22, you’re given unlimited turns and close to k ether The rankings seems to be an efficiency scale but killing dragons and giving up a SS rank will give you a huge net gain in mana. Is it this game: I have the train option and enough mana, but I have no idea how to.

Can anyone explain how to beat chapter 1 mission 3? I seriously dont know what to do. Jesus, at least Rance has sex scenes as rewards for going through the tedious battles. They seem to have put in replacement cg and events for all the sex scenes they took out.

The real thing that is missing is Evil Tentacle Rape route, about half of the 30 or so scenes are of this type. They should have at least implied that the sex happens, not written it out completely. Did you started playing when the patch got released?


I started playing when the patch got released and I’m still at the first eieh, chapter IV. My playtime is Nanaru has the same spells as her and learns them much earlier. She also has better attack, hp and her Apocalypse spell doesn’t require you to maintain mind. Sure Orpha has higher resist but that wouldn’t help you much since she has a pathetically low hp.

So, between TtT, Utawarerumono, and this game, which would be better to aseli

Both of those game’s gameplay are laughably pathetic compared to this. It looks sort of aaelia Damn, the last chapter is awesome. I’m not the biggest fan of Kaori but I gotta admit the farewell scene was pretty touching. Something about Kaori just makes me want to hit the ctrl key. Just finished my first playthrough, Aselia.

I’ve gotta say it was really good overall, especially starting with asslia 3. What is a good route for a second walkrhrough I thought of doing Tokimi but doing her route should give no bonus since she is already an eternal.

I think I’ll really suck at this game, it took me too many tries to get mission 1, at least 2 was easier. Sometimes it’s not practical, and there’s usually a few you have to go finish off afterwards, but it does work fairly well. Takes a lot more turns than being aggressive though, I guess. Man, this scene irked me a little, because at the time Esperia should have been right there, and mine happened to have learned Revive by then. I had to S release a bunch of generics and pump her up a lot in order to beat the dragon on that mission, she kept getting killed otherwise.

Wxlkthrough kind of wanted to go for her the first time around, but I read her route is the shortest, and thought doing a longer route on my first playthrough would be better.

They’re talking about sword eligibility and stuff and then the main character suddenly blush and asks if she’s okay with him. Then sudden confession out of nowhere. What happened to the sword talk? Or are they supposed to fuck there to get the sword or something? My 1st playthrough, Aselia route btw. I’m contemplating to go through north instead if they’d give the same amount walkthrough says go via the city, but my setup isn’t really viable for that.

They get to fuck there in the original. It’s a mana sharing scene, think FSN, she has to do this to get him to the shinken. She actually kept her virginity for years just for this. If you mouse over it, I think it’ll show you how much mana you’ll get for capturing it. They should have explained it, or heck even hinted it.

Not take everything out and leave it unexplained. All I get from that scene is the protag getting shy and flustered after getting infodumped about the swords.

What’s the difference between Eternal and High Eternal? I can confirm that Lesteena’s route is extremely short, maybe 3 or 4 extra scenes and a change in his motivation for wielding Wisdom. Damn this last stage is tedious as hell. Walking all over the map is no fun. The last boss’s divine magic attack only have 2 uses.


You only need to survive it twice then you can hammer him from there. Avoid using esperia and use 2 walkthrouhh teams because no healing can be done because the spell takes away all your actions. Anyways, for those people out there complaining about the no H, there’s a pretty wwlkthrough torrent with the game and full save.

I ended up walkthroygh Yuuto and Tokimi on the all-rounder slot and have them eat up the attacks since they’re the only ones that can survive it. That was a pretty awesome end. I wasn’t expecting a happy end at all since he practically went the mind of steel route. I guess he is a jinx walktrhough all, ni ended up happier without him, especially Kaori. BTW anyone have that timeline that scrolls during the end? It scrolled way too fast that I couldn’t read the middle part. Does Yuuto and Aselia appear in the sequel?

Or at least mentioned what happened to them afterwards? Too bad she becomes evil, can’t wait for the inevitable fight of her and Aselia, aka mother vs daughter.

Euphoria wonderfully powerful, as well. Tokimi appears, Kaori and Kotori have a cameo. That’s all I guess.

Eien No Aselia Guide – [PDF Document]

Seinarukana was supposed to be a bridge between EnA and the “real” sequel where the shit would hit the fan, too bad the writer of the series left Xuse. I thought it was awesome as well. So we’ll never see the real sequel? I’m sure she has her reasons for turning into a Law Eternal. Too bad we’ll never see the third game. It would’ve been nice to see Euphoria as the heroine and fighting against Yuuto and company who are also working alongside Nozomu and company.

I wasn’t very satisfied with Lesteena’s route ending. And I hate the everybody forgets the main character plot device. The last mission felt way too dragged out as well.

Other than that it wasn’t bad though. Hey guys, anyone have a lv99 save for this? That’s because both Euphoria and Aselia’s Shinkens are special, they both are part of the primordial Shinken that is the most powerful of them all Actually everything that happened in EnA was planified by both leaders of each faction, to make Aselia an Eternal and to have her aselua Yuuto and conceives Euphie.

Also, I was under the impression that everyone was once part of wqlkthrough primordial Shinken or was it something completely different? Basically there are 3 Shinken that are more powerful than everything else, they are walkthrouth.

Eternity of Aselia and Everlasting of Euphoria are revealed to be 2 of them. These Shinken give a huge advantage to the side they are in, which is why both leaders went to such length to get them.