Buy El paradigma emergente: Hacia una nueva teoria de la racionalidad cientifica (Historia de la ciencia y epistemologia) 1. ed by Miguel Martinez Miguelez. El paradigma emergente by Miguel Martinez Miguelez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Translation to English, by Sharon Davis Massey of Martínez Miguélez, Miguel, ( ), El paradigma emergente: Hacia una nueva teoría de la racionalidad.

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Positions before the uncertainty of reason, Thought in the light of neuroscience, pararigma Introduction, The modern episteme, The interdisciplinary approach, The need for interdisciplinarity, Influence of Gestalt psychology, The dynamics of creative thought, Manifestations of the emerging paradigmIn physics, The dynamics of integration, Preface to the second edition, Changes in the classic paradigm, Postmodernism and the new paradigmPre-modern, modern and postmodern paradigms, The need for a new paradigm17 Chapter 2.


Suppression of the fundamentals, The need for a new paradigm Dialogue and communicative reason, Mental dynamics of the paradigm, Pre-modern, modern and postmodern paradigms, Primary positions regarding paradigms.

The interdisciplinary team, Overcoming mental inertia, The epistemic matrix and its significanceThe need to return to fundamentals, Tendency toward order in open systems, Genesis and evolution of the classic paradigm in physics, Complementarity of cerebral structures, The nature of interdisciplinarity, Structural and functional complexity, The nature of mental inertia, The dynamics of mental inertia49 The nature of mental inertia, Author Index, Subject Index, Metacommunication of the whole language, Manifestations of mental inertia, The nature and dynamics of scientific paradigms Thought in the light of neuroscience, Suppression of critical reason, Genesis of the physical paradigm, Evolution of the classic paradigm in the philosophy of scienceLudwig Wittgenstein, Fundamental antinomies of the emerging paradigm, Subject-object, Committed areas and available areas, The dynamics of mental inertia