We focus on intra-day setups following a strict money management TRADING PLAN that cuts losses short while allowing profits to run. All of our trades are. I am a Trading Plan owner, EJ Boot Camp DVD owner and member of the live trade With eminiJunkie, I feel that I am in a real helpful learning. Free Trading Plan Secrets. from Emini Junkie. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Player error. The player is having trouble. We’ll have it.

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EminiJunkie & Channel-Trading – Trading Products and Services – Traders Laboratory

You need thick skin if you are shooting from the hip. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Plus the video recaps include the afternoon session which is eminijunkue part of the plan. Join our webinars and get analysis and trading ideas combined with better understanding on how markets work. Theeng, Frading am no longer in the room but was in it for quite a while and did not make money. Great place to learn the basics and grow. Sign In Sign Up.

I started looking at his plan in May and joined the room shortly thereafter. He will never do that, however, and it makes one wonder if he even trades at all.

I have not given up on being able to trade successfully. Com Reply to Topic. In the KIS DVD he makes it sound like you don’t need additional filters but, it’s obvious after backtesting, the setups by themselves won’t work.


Who made you Chief Busybody? Since his plan and room are cheap people stay in for a while Channel-trading is top notch for newbie or experienced.

Users acknowledge that any investment in FX and CFDs products is characterized by a certain degree of uncertainty and that any investment of this nature involves a high level of risk for which the users are solely eminiiunkie and liable. I learned the basics from another system and was having some mild success, but soon I wanted to learn more and eventually tried another system when I stumbled upon Emini Junkie.

I think he makes the majority of his income through the trading room fees. Should take you about 8 weeks to get through the first go around. Sounds like an inferiority complex going on there, old boy. Truth is, the week he shows is extremely profitable. Bourses remained closed in Japan and mainland China, while markets in Australia closed early. The sight owner asked his members to give an honest review of his service.

This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials. I know it sounds like I’m pushing MP and I am! The video results are based on the first touch of the entry or provit price. The indicator is expected to stand at I know these emihijunkie as members of his site.

The KIS trade does not work as a stand alone trading method. Those are his rules to follow by when you are just starting his trading plan progression. But if the initial move goes against him, he has full stop out anywhere from tics.



What are you, a competitor or somebody who has a need to stick their nose into other people’s business?

Cons- His end of day results videos will show net tic s on the day, which That’s a big red flag. SIM does mean alot as long as you are trading it like real money Posted June 9, I didn’t buy the DVD. I think it’s important when doing a review to point out the good and the bad. The ES is a tough market, and I’m sure no one system works all the time.

He also only trades in the morning session only.

Thanks for the detailed response Here are my thought on his method and room:. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Learn How To Trading E-Mini Futures from EminiJunkie

This is especially difficult for me since it really helps to have a trading partner that I can talk through things with. His second priority is educating the room. This is good, but if the move is olan and doesnt pull back far enough and just runs away, he will say it was a fib extension trade. You were in SIM – trade real money and post your statements.