Product Family / Category. INCA. Product / Topic. INCA-MIP. Type. Manual / Technical Documentation. Title. INCA-MIP V User’s Guide. INCA V – Tutorial. ETAS. Lesson: Measuring. Create a recorder for manual recordings. You are in the Experiment Environment. To create a recorder . This INCA manual consists of the following chapters: • Chapter 1: ”Introduction” ( this chapter). This chapter outlines the possible INCA (INtegrated Calibration.

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Select the name for the label to create and to save into the file. The map will be initialized with zero values. In case multiple labels are loaded their difference to the active label is shown.

Data relating to the map is restored when a map is made inactive and active again later on. Therefore any number of maps can be manial or created simultaneously.

ETAS – INCA-LIN V7.0 User Manual – Download Center

When multiple data point sets are loaded the first active one will define the options to propose. Because the smoothing process is split into different phases with different proceeding you will recognize that the progress shown is not linear.

Any number of maps can be loaded simultaneously. See the following section for details. Leave the calculation empty if you don’t want logical deletion.

Specify scalar values separated by colon or spaces, e. The whole ehas including data can be stored. The SGE Circus documentation makes available general information regarding data loading procedure, input handling, preferences, history and other topics concerning all tools.

In this way, you determine the direction of the inversion. Different options are available:. The data and the map will only be displayed and not changed e. Without the option rightthis transition is not taken into account and is therefore not smooth.


Work – From Manual C code to MBD | Nalys

Therefore INCA must be started and an experiment must be opened. In general axis optimization is only reasonable if the data values are equally distributed. The reference page map is displayed using a dotted line. Choose the decimal separator for numbers to use when copying to clipboard.

The axes optimization can be restricted to single directions and breakpoint ranges. Set to value numeric or n[an]. Using the corresponding option you can automatically assign colors not yet in use for the imported maps. Of course data can alsi be transferred using the clipboard. The values of the map to load are irrelevant in this case – only the axes data will re regarded.

So for example when the 2D view is set to show the x axis, the y axis values to show are retrieved from the active label. Default is the name of the loaded template label.

Mostly it is possible to get more plausible maps without increasing the deviation to the data points too much. A ina of 1 means approximately the same priority of smoothness and accuracy.

The map will be retrieved from the active calibration page. If you set points to invalid, they are filled with NaN not a number and made invisible. The data points are colored accordingly to the distance from the screen.

ETAS – INCA V7.0 Tutorial – Download Center

When the error lines and therefore the error calculation are turned on and only one point is marked and modified, the color of the mark indicated the error trend. Use this format manhal exchange entire maps with axes between multiple instances or maps. Incca you can move elements like legend or cursor boxes. If you want the result to be a map that shows the speed by load and torque, select “X-axis” as the target axis.


Normally you will choose three channels containing the x, y, and w values of the data points. If this occurs, check the CCP settings and wiring. By direct use of filters and calculations, the pre-processing of data can often be eliminated.

It is possible to maximize, minimize and restore windows. The increment does also influence the step used while editing the map manually.

These instructions were transcribed against this version but it may be that these instructions match other versions of the tool. A list of all available maps will be shown afterwards to select the ones to import. Add value also negative to subtract.

ETAS – INCA V Tutorial – Download Center – ETAS Products

Any number of files can be loaded. The iso-contour plot can be customized. Only the active label defines ftas breakpoint values in this direction. Several sources are available to load template maps from.

By closing it you can abort the optimization prematurely or change a trade off level between accuracy and speed. It is also possible to copy files directly to the clipboard as well as strings containing the file names line by line. To select and copy axes manuual you have to switch to 1D table view.

Note The INCA tool makes a distinction between the base calibration reference page and a derived calibration working page. Then you mark the area to extrapolate and call the function again.