Drug Dev Ind Pharm. Feb;25(2) Evaluation of Eudragit RS-PO and Ethocel matrices for the controlled release of lobenzarit disodium. matrix tablets by using Eudragit RSPO and natural gums like guar copal as rate The use of synthetic Eudragit RSPO and gum copal were unable to retard the. Although Eudragit RSPO has been widely used as sustained release material; to our knowledge the property of its combination with GC and Gd has not been.

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The same profile was observed in Figure 3 b.

The coefficient of determination of the model for mean particle size was 0. The resultant benefit is a reduction of therapeutic dose, increased bioavailability, and limitation of toxic side-effects. A spherical morphology of the prepared nanoparticles was observed in the SEM images Figure 8. Rso response surface plots showing the effect of a ratio of a polymer to a drug and concentration of a surfactant at constant sonication time and b ratio of a polymer to a drug and sonication time at constant concentration of a surfactant.

Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet. Small mean particle size was observed in Figure 2 b when sonication eudragih was increased. Eudeagit encapsulated drug was calculated using. Umekar Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Smt.

This indicates that the drug is compatible with the polymers used in the investigation. It was applied to determine the significance and the magnitude of the effects of the main variable and their interactions by applying probability value value.

Time-controlled release

Sustained release formulation that would maintain plasma level for h might be sufficient for daily dosing of metformin. Mean dissolution time MDT value is used to characterize drug release rate from a dosage form and indicates the drug release retarding efficiency of polymer.


This may be due to the reason that the gums in higher concentrations in the tablets might have produced dense matrix around the drug particles, providing more barriers rapo them to escape and dissolve. It is insoluble at the physiological pH but the cationic charge facilitates rapid permeation through the intestinal mucosa [ 10 ].

It has also been used in the preparations of time-controlled drug delivery formulations [ 12 ]. BBD experimental parameters and levels for preparation of nanoparticles.

The change in spectra of the drug in the presence of polymer was investigated which indicates the physical interaction of drug molecule with the polymer. Their results indicated that the drug had a solubility of The dissolution test was performed in triplicate. Methacrylic resins Eudragit appear particularly attractive due to their high chemical stability and compactility properties, and many literatures substantiate use in the development of control release matrix tablet [ 1213 euvragit.

No significant change in the appearance of characteristic peaks of pure drug spectra was observed fig.

Abstract The objective of present study was to develop an optimized polymeric nanoparticle system for the antiretroviral drug tenofovir. The dried granules were sized by a mesh sieve and after lubrication with magnesium stearate. The solution was filtered through a 0. Hence, in the present work, an attempt has been made to formulate the extendedrelease matrix tablets of metformin HCl using hydrophilic polymer Eudragit RSPO alone or in combination with hydrophobic natural polymer, GC and GD to evaluate the in vitro release characteristics and to predict the release behavior.

We advise that you only use the original value or one of its rsspo conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding error. Weight variation test was performed according to the official method [ 20 ]. To graphically demonstrate the influence of each factor on the response, the surface plots for each response were generated results using BBD [ 23 ].


Time-controlled Drug release

Long term release of the drug may be due to the charge interactions between the cationic polymer and anionic drug resulting in a gradual drug release.

Figure 5 in vitro cumulative release of metformin. This may be due to the increase erosion effect on the surface of large particle and particle agglomerates resulting in small particles [ 37 ]. Additionally, there was compatibility between drug and the polymer, meaning that, during the process of formulation, polymer has not reacted with the drug to give rise to reactant products; it is only physical mixture.

Kakde 1 and M. Questions or comments about MatWeb? College of Pharmacy, Kamptee, Nagpur, India for providing necessary facilities to carry out this work.

Eudragit RS PO is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a film-coating agent for tablets and capsule [ 11 ].

The compound has relatively short plasma half-life of 1. The aim of the optimization was to obtain small particles size, small PDI, high EE, and high zeta potential. Hausner’s values of the prepared granules ranged from 1. These kinds of plots are useful in studying the effects of two independent factors on the response at one time [ 30 ].

El Baradi, and M.

Sustained release products are needed for metformin to prolong its duration of action and to improve patient compliances.