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Esliritismo, regarding post-surgery change in personality patterns there is no solid evidence that substantiates its change.

Option to live intermittently the desired gender role iv. And to my patients without their cooperation this work would never be possible.

Unlike what Money claimed to the world, the boy never got adapted to his new gender and this story better saying, this scientific fraud ended up in tragedy. More rarely, boys with GID may say that they find their penis and testicles repugnant and wish to remove them; they may assert that they wish to have, or indeed do have, a vagina. Dorner in 99, in his studies of hormone- dependent brain differentiation concludes that human sexual behaviour disturbances may be partly due to discordance between genetic sex and corresponding levels of sexual hormones at the moment of pre-natal brain differentiation.

She may claim to have developed, or to develop in the future, a penis, and refuse her breasts and menstruation. Homophilia According to Vieira the term homophilia was created in by Arent van Santhorst, to designate an attraction for same sex people, but that does not necessarily lead to sexual intercourse as in Le crapouillot, This conviction is precocious and remains unshakable. Other studies allusive to character pathology in TS, repeatedly refer to a borderline structure.

evangelho segundo o espiritismo pdf petit

Therefore the development of sexual behavior and sexual differentiation also emerge as a result of psychological, social and cultural factors. IV-TR, in F-M TS there is a predominant sexual attraction for females seguneo and only a small minority refers sexual attraction for men Coleman et al.

This latter conception seems more in consonance with the semiological variety encountered and also with the concepts of primary and secondary TS. The way she deals with the. Zhou, Hoffman, Gooren and Swaab inperformed a pertinent study on a determined brain region the hypothalamus, and they have concluded as being smaller in women than in men.


Gender identity represents the jointure of various elements, biological, biophysical, intra-psychic, parental and social, throughout the various stages of the individual s development.

However just by themselves this biological basis cannot determine the eepiritismo components of individual sexual behavior both in infancy and adulthood; rather the biological basis defines a continuous axis of behavior patterns that may emerge in various forms. Ruas in refers that for the conceptualization of the individual of determined gender various elements or sexes have to be in accordance: William Granzig as a Committee member of my Dissertation.

A boy s feminine swgundo is based on the notion I know that I have a male sex, but in reality I am a girl, pointing to two different processes that of gender behaviour and gender identity awareness of, which will never be distinguished from each other, or voiced. Albuquerque defines homosexuality as the preference for sexual behaviors, either real or in imagination, with people of the same gender, when the possibility of choice is available. Service quality in restaurants: This fact reveals the extraordinary modelling power of the environment on sexual dimorphism.

However in the case of discordance the controversy rages as to which are the determining factors for this. Anatomical differences allow for conflicts amongst boys, wherein the discovery of the creature without penis brings them nearer to the reality of the castration threat; in girls, the observing of the real penis accentuates its absence and consequent growth in jealousy.

Beyond transvestism, the majority of individuals with this condition do not refer seyundo childhood history of cross gender behaviours.

Others paths of research have pointed out the possible genetic basis for sexual identity.

In this classificatory system there is a clear steering away from the term transexualism and also a clear contemplation of the possibility that the person with GID may have sexual attraction for either, or both, sexes. However, suffering from seghndo psychosis is considered as a formal contra-indication for sex-reassignment surgery. As to transexuality, there is a general tendency to presume that, after surgery, a heterosexual orientation will be adopted.

Kraft-Ebbing deals with homosexuality exhaustively focusing on in feminity in men and virility in women.

Evangeljo delusion, a psychiatric disturbance defined by the persistence of ideas contrary to reality, is likewise the core belief in TS. In this context the opposite could also happen; namely male foetuses undergoing neuro-functional changes due to the presence of feminizing hormones, which in turn would lead to the development, or facilitating of a feminine identity.


Pseudohermaphroditism PH results because of endocrine or enzymatic deficiencies supra-renal hyperplasia in individuals with normal chromosomes.

Female transexuality in homozygous twins, although extremely rare, reveals the probable influence of genetics in the pathogenesis of this disorder.

Elaboration of the gender identity within a separation process of the maternal symbiosis; this would be within a process of passive individualization in the girl, and active in the boy, who needs must disclaim his initial proto-femininity. However, these data provide quite a limited interest, since the great majority of transsexuals do not exhibit any changes segindo this somatic level Silveira Nunes, She would, herself would have had in childhood transsexual fantasies formed because of a repressed masculine behaviour in puberty, having to give way to evanelho adoption of the feminine stereotypes, but without any real sexual benefit; the father is devalued and does not serve as an identification model.

Domine a linguagem do banco de dados Oracle Portuguese Leia mais. According to Zarzuela in psychological gender is formed by endogenous seguundo symbolized by somatic components genetic, endocrinological and morphologicaland by exogenous factors symbolized by the social and environmental factors parents, school, family, friends. In truth not all transsexuals even begin or complete the entire process of sex reassignment.

To my dear Bran my esspiritismo force!

Editions of O Evangelho Segundo O Espiritismo by Allan Kardec

Money and Walker refer that TS is a form of unsatisfaction or gender dysphoria. The diagnosis cannot be applied unless the full-blown syndrome is present, which needs must include discomfort and difficulties.

In face of such ptit, research in this area is deemed a real necessity. With the aim of illustrating the weight of socio-cultural factors, Money reports the case of two homozygotic male twins.

Again Dorner in 88, after examining the brain of human foetuses, demonstrated the existence of a critical period of neural sexual differentiation n humans directly recognisable at least in the pre-optic region of the hypothalamus that occurs and is complete between the fourth and the seventh month of gestation.