The error I am getting is: Runtime error ” Method ‘ExportAsFixedFormat’ of object ‘_worksheet’ failed I know the error is with the. ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, _ Filename:=”C:\” Run-time error ‘ ‘: Method ‘ExportAsFixedFormat’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed. Recently, I was accusing ExportAsFixedFormat of causing a problem with some code. It turned out to not be the culprit. But I was suspicious.

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Lopaka90 Created on June 7, Maybe comment out your current FullName line and use something like the following save to a generic location egror a generic filename just to see if this is where you’re having the issue:.

This subject was also recently discussed on Clearly and Simply http: Any idea what I can do here?


Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Windows Operating System software. Post as a guest Name. Cells vaRows i2. Comments ezportasfixedformat not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat.


Document Not Saved Error on ExportAsFixedFormat – Daily Dose of Excel

That was it, thanks much. It should have been Being a newby, I could not for some reason copy and paste the code out of VBA into this area.

Runtime Error 5 is also caused by other reasons listed below as follows. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

[SOLVED] Report Generator Fix – Run-time error ”: Doc not saved

I finally tried having the VBA code save a copy of the workbook just prior to the point of failure. Cells 11, exporfasfixedformat ws3. I am using the following codes to import data into Excel:. There are two page fields, so there are two loops. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

Then just select all sheets and print save?

Regards, Ashidacchi added later I’ve just succeeded with Excel using the same file. Hi Guys I really need assistance with the below code. On Error GoTo 0.


Microsoft Office for Developers. Did this solve your problem? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Surprisingly the same code works on one of our vendors laptop and we can not figure out why.

Am I missing a reference to a specific.

Document Not Saved Error on ExportAsFixedFormat

All times are GMT And when I do the Debug, F5 thing, the. Want to add to the discussion?

Remove From My Forums. I have the same question Hope this helps, Eric P. Deepak, thanks a lot for the direction. Later I’ll do it with Excel