The New F V3 Does It All. And Looks Darn Good Doing It.” cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may. F Stealth Fighter 70mm EDF jet. Built from Elmers foam board. Plans go to F Pusher Plans. FA. Assembly Pictures 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 · F- A 3-views · FA Tiled Without Borders · FA SU 3mm Depron A4.

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Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! RCPowersOct 26, MrBakerbesim13 and grand01 like this. I just bought this. I hope to have pictures up by the cepron of the week and video up sometime this month.

*** rcFoamFighters FF-VIPER-50 ***

If work permits I hope to have one together for my clubs fly-in this weekend. TonyNov 2, I have a dilemma now. I have the microjet v3, but only 2 cell batterys.

Will this new model be OK for this power setup or do I go with the older smaller F? RCPrairieFlyyerNov 2, I have a dilema too.

Do I finish it or start on v2? F1wanabeNov 2, I say finish v1 AND start v2.

F-117 V3: The “Best Looking”

I didn’t think of that option. That’s why they pay you the big bucks Yeah learn the flight characteristics on the V1 then fly the V2. JettaManDanNov 2, I have my v1 built since 3 months but never managed to fly it I know its my handlaunch the problem, I think I’m just afraid to toss it from the side I think I will mount some light wheels, maybe I manage to take-off from the ground. But untill then, just building the F22, flying the X Anyhow if I get to fly the v1 F, maybe I will build v2, simply because its larger, and what is larger, is always depdonanybody agrees dpron me on this?!


F Stealth Fighter 70mm EDF jet. Scratch build | Flite Test

Cheers, good luck everybody on their builds! Personally I would like to see also the F35 easybuild v2 maybe with full fuse, although I know that this would mean less air for the prop unless it is not “ducted prop”. Just do what I did and bought a monkey who throws your planes for you.

The side arm toss does feel a little deepron in the beginning but once you get used to it, it is really easy. Got the plans imported into the CNC and made a few minor modifications. I don’t have any 30″x48″ depron so I rearranged the parts to fit on 2- 27″x39″ sheets.

I had to break up the main fuselage to get it to fit on the smaller sheets. No big deal though.

I also made the prop slot a little wider to accept a 7″ prop I have a new motor I want to try out. Hope to be able to cut tomorrow or Thursday This is the motor that I want to use but I just realized I need a bigger esc If I decide to stick with the 4s packs I will probably use something like a 7×7 or 7×8 prop. I may go ahead and get a couple 6s packs though because I can also use them in the size heli that I plan to build soon.


I may put this build on hold for a bit until I get the ESC and battery thing worked out Of course, if I go with the 6s I will definitely have to do some serious reinforcing on this plane. May glass the whole thing with silk span and polycrylic.

F depron version 4 – Page 2 – RC Groups

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