Concise Nikon N90s camera instructions. Note: The N90 and N90s are known as the F90 and F90X, respectively, in markets outside the U.S. Manual exposure control: Both aperture and shutter speed are set manually; shutter . Newer D-type AF Nikkor lenses could maximise the full potential of F90X. Download NIKON F90X N90S REPAIR service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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How are the items produced? Lithium batteries are useful especially when shooting at lower temperatures, how ever, film advance speed may slow down. Although you can lock exposure manuzl using any metering mode, this function is most useful for metering on manuql very specific area.

C Continuous Servo AF—Uses release priority shutter can be released whether or not focus is achieved. Hold down the ISO button on the left top of the camera, and rotate the command dial to set the film speed displayed on the LCD panel.

For an SB,or If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it: Hold down the o button and press the shutter release. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Can anyone out there inform me if I can use Nikon ai or ais lenses with a Nikon F90x in manual mode? Hold down the self timer button on the top left of the camera, and rotate the command dial to set the duration of the delay in seconds ranges from 2 to 30 seconds. However, you can set your own custom reset options rather than use the factury default settings. Nikon advanced B-type BriteView screen; interchangeable with E-type screen. Manual or aperture priority exposure modes, and center-weighted or spot metering, are available on the N90s with AI or AIS lenses.


If the lens being used has a smaller maximum aperture than shown above, shutter speeds will be slower than shown in order to maintain correct exposure. The Eyes of Nikon: The LED on the front of the camera blinks until the last 2 seconds prior to exposure, at which time it lights continuously.

Press the shutter release for the duration of the exposure. Yes, Yes, Yes, etc Joe Smith. Dimensions W x H x D: Rear-curtain sync can also be used in auto and manual flash modes, however only in A or M exposure modes.

Nikon F90x and manual ai(s) lenses

A tripod is recommended to prevent camera shake. Custom reset settings are reloaded. Green flash symbol appears — Camera recommends using flash. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. Reason being would like to start learning to spot meter and cheapest option for me is to buy a used camera with that function. Subscribe to RSS feed. To cancel the countdown after the shutter release has been pressed, press the o button again before the shutter is fired.

M Manual—You choose both the aperture and shutter speed. Autofocus, and Manual with Electronic Rangefinder Autofocus modes: To cancel these programs, hold down the mode button and set a regular exposure mode P, S, A, or M.

Nikon F90X (N90S) – – The free camera encyclopedia

Other byThom Sites What’s New: With parctice, you see this display out of the corner of your eye, and can work the image quickly. The latch is in the middle of the front edge of the screen. Film automatically advances to first frame when shutter release button is depressed once; In single-frame shooting mode, film automatically advances one frame when shutter is released; in continuous high or continuous low shootimg mode, shots are taken as long as shutter release button is depressed; in mode, shooting speed is approx.

A Aperture-Priority—You choose the aperture, the camera sets the shutter speed. SL blinks — Camera is in silhouette exposure mode; turn off your Speedlight flash unit.


Nikon F90x and manual ai(s) lenses | Photography Forums

Center-weighted or spot metering modes offer the most control. SP Sport mode—Sets a program that is biased towards a fast shutter speed. Make sure the camera is set to multi-program P or aperture-priority A exposure mode. Factory default settings cancel bracketing, multiple exposure, auto sequence, long exposure, interval timer, and focus priority.

Are all of your older Complete Guides still available? It is automatically set in Portrait program with red-eye reduction Ps with RE. Good luck with your decision. When the camera is on, pressing the shutter release halfway turns on the exposure meter, viewfinder illumination, and, when appropriate, autofocusing. XF Ff90x mode—Sets a slow shutter speed and a narrow aperture to get subject and background in focus; does not set hyperfocal distance!

Hold down the mode button and rotate the command dial to select manual M exposure mode.

LCD all black — Camera is too hot. The ML-3 draws its power from the camera and cannot accept the transient high voltage of AA lithium batteries.

In multi-program P mamual aperture-priority A mode, slow sync is set automatically. By sliding AE-Lock lever while meter is on. If you don’t care about AF performance, the F90 and Fs not plain F though will also do the job. Autofocus, and Manual with Electronic Rangefinder. Setting the Exposure Mode Hold mannual the mode button on top left of the camera while rotating the command dial until the desired setting appears on the LCD panel: Set preset ring, then use AE-lock lever before shifting.