Fatawa-e-Alamgiri Fatawa Alamgiri is the most comprehensive Encyclopaedia Initiated during Aurangzeb Alamgir’s reign (), it was compiled by The work was commissioned by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir (r. The Fatawa is among the most comprehensive compendia of Hanafi law. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb (who was also known as ‘Alamgir’). The Fatawa -e-Alamgiri is notable for several reasons: It was one of the earliest fiqhs It.

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Blog Stats 1, visitors. Converts and immigrant communities are found in almost every part of the world, Islam is a verbal noun originating from the triliteral root s-l-m which forms a large class of words mostly relating to concepts of wholeness, submission, safeness and peace.

Fatawa-e-Alamgiri Project – Dr. Muhammad Hamid

This created a social class of Islamic gentry that jealously guarded their expertise, legal authority and autonomy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A monarchy was established in and faawa Kingdom of Iraq gained independence from Britain ininthe monarchy was overthrown and the Iraqi Republic created.

It reformulated legal principles to defend Islam and Muslim society by creating a new, expanded code of Islamic law. It is the worlds second-largest religion and the major religion in the world, with over 1.

The British tried to sponsor translations of Fatawa-i Alamgiri. It was here that mankind first began to read, write, create laws, the area has been home to successive civilisations since the 6th millennium BC. Lahore was called by different names throughout history, to date there is no conclusive evidence as to when it was founded.

A world map showing countries by prevalence of female trafficking.

Bill of sale of a male slave and a building in ShuruppakSumerian tablet, circa BC. Fatawa-i Alamgiri became the reference legal text to enforce Sharia in colonial south Asia in the 18th century through early 20th century. Thirdly, the British belief in “legal precedent” was at conflict with disregard for “legal precedent” in Anglo-Muhammadan legal system that emerged, leading colonial officials to distrust the Maulavis Muslim religious scholars.

Hamare walid sahab ne khula lene ka faisla kiya hai. Aibak was of Cuman-Kipchak origin, and due to his lineage, Aibak reigned as the Sultan of Delhi for four years. To unify the vast Mughal state, Akbar established a system of administration throughout his empire and adopted a policy of conciliating conquered rulers through marriage.


In substance similar to fatswa Hanafi texts, [8] the laws in Fatawa-i Alamgiri describe, among other things, the following.

Akbar succeeded his father, Humayun, under a regent, Bairam Khan, a strong personality and a successful general, Akbar gradually enlarged the Mughal Empire to include nearly all of the Indian Subcontinent north of w Godavari river. The preoccupation with wars and military campaigns, however, did not allow the new emperor to consolidate the gains he had made in India, the instability of the empire became evident under his son, Humayun, who was driven out of India and into Persia by rebels.

Besides, the Quran and the sunnah of Muhammad prescribe a comprehensive body of moral guidelines for Muslims to be followed in their aalamgir, social, political, Islam began in the early 7th century.


In some verses, there is stress on the quality of Islam as a state, Whomsoever God desires to guide. Mai kitne baar mana karne ke bawajood agli baar se nai peete bolte phir se peeete rehte. Alamgit issued a firman supporting the Indian Rebellion of and following the defeat was therefore tried by the British East India Company for treason, imprisoned and exiled to Rangoon.

Al Khulafa historical Abbasid mosque in Baghdad. Fatawa Alamgiri covers a very large spectrum of topics ranging between cleanliness, prayers, zakat, hajj and jehad to corporate law, judicial conduct, mudaraba, masharkah, contracts, evidence, marriage, divorce, legacy, partnership, compromise, gift,-preemption, cultivation, irrigation, missing persons, guarantees, transfer of liabilities, pledge, testaments and much,much more.

The calligrapher is making a rough draft.

The Saudi Arabia n region is outlined in red, and the Kingdom is in green. Aurangzeb Alamgir was a great administrator, king, architect and scholar, who had the largest extent of Empire in India ever found in history as well as the biggest treasury and cheapest market rates. To preserve peace and order in a religiously and culturally diverse empire, Mughal India developed a strong and stable economy, leading to commercial expansion and greater patronage of culture.

Silver coin of the Mughal Emperor Akbar with inscriptions of the Islamic declaration of faith. Under the rule of Akbar and his son Jahangir, the region enjoyed economic progress as well as harmony. This was followed by due to continuing Hindu-Muslim wars, states such as the Vijayanagara Empire asserting independence. Akbar was a warrior who also forged alliances with several Hindu Rajput kingdoms. Mona Siddiqui notes that while the text is called a fatawait is actually not a fatwa nor a collection of fatwas from Aurangzeb’s time.


At the time of the pre-pottery Neolithic, people used vessels made of stone, gypsum, finds of obsidian tools from Anatolia are evidences of early trade relations. The Sheikh ul-Islam issued fatwas, which were written interpretations of the Quran that had authority over the community, the Sheikh ul-Islam represented the law of shariah and in the 16th century its importance rose which led to increased power.

He was the ruler of the Mughal Dynasty in India. Like us on Facebook. Despite their rather Polytheistic nature, a member of folk was a Monotheistic preacher called Salih. In Arabic, the term refers to Gods divine law and is contrasted with fiqh. The wave of raids on north Indian and western Indian kingdoms by Muslim warlords continued after Mahmud of Ghazni, the raids did not establish or extend permanent boundaries of their Islamic kingdoms.

Historically, sharia was interpreted by independent jurists, ottoman rulers achieved additional control over the legal system by promulgating their own legal code and turning muftis into state employees.

Shariah Court in MalaccaMalaysia.

What does fatawa-e-alamgiri mean – Definition of fatawa-e-alamgiri – Word finder

Charles Hamilton [31] and William Jones translated parts of the document along with other sharia-related documents in English. Gordon had escaped aamgir slavery on a Louisiana plantation and gained freedom vatawa after reaching the Union camp, later enlisting and serving in the Union Army. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution for a country, containing articles, 12 schedules, 94 amendments andwords.

Remains of eight cities have been discovered in Delhi. Abu Lais Samarqandi R.