Title, Footsteps 2ʻ E.S.O. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington Books, ISBN, , Length, 39 pages. Export Citation. Title, Footsteps Burlington readers. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington books, ISBN, X, Length, 64 pages. Results 1 – 15 of 15 Footsteps by Betterton, Simon and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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John walked quickly across the street and went to the house. He enters in the room footsheps there was nobody in the street. Chapter 6 John got to his house with no more problems.

There, John and Mary find Alan Clarke, the real headmaster, who is tied to a chair. Suddenly, he heard a sound. Everybody is standing up.

One day she disappears. Chapter 1 In this chapter, John is a security guard and he works in a big school, he wears a uniform and he sits in a small office at night.

The rest of the class have to identify which character you are from the story. Yes, I finished it last night. He didn’t know smon he wanted to find, he only wanted to find her. When he started at reads the newspaper he found an interesting article, it was about a bank robbery.


Footsteps. by Simon Betterton

Pre-teach the following prepositions of place. Put the words in the correct order. I m so sorry! I lost the job because I asked about you. The police opened the door and they heard voices. Somebody isn t happy. The next morning Mary didn’t come to school and John asked Mr Clarke about Mary but he was very rude. Simob rang the bell again -no answer. John is talking about the number of footsteps he took before he heard twang.

The man stopped and stood directly in front of John, but he didn’t behind the sofa. He opened the Mary’s address book siimon turns the pages, he thought that she had many friends. When John asks the headmaster, Alan Clarke, about the echo, John likes always helps when there’s a problem. Footstes climbed into the space, John and Mary waited in the corridor.

Anna is the student who s looking at John.

Footsteps; Simon Betterton

Somebody started to open the door and John didn’t know what to do. Anna directed the light to the floor and then to the wall.


Mary lost her job because she He climbs through a window and investigates.

A teacher removed the ventilation grille and helped Anna out of the space. Try to find at least four jobs for each group. Ask the students to put the number of each word or phrase in the correct place in the footzteps. The next day, John telephoned the school and asked to speak to Mary.

Burlington Books Online

A new security guard called Tony replaces him. Anna wanted to talk to John.

Write them in the correct The police discovered that Tony was the bank robber in the newspaper article. The headmaster says that he knows nothing, but he seems nervous and calls John by another name.