Along the way, it addresses many topics on the metaphysics of time and identity. These include Four-Dimensionalism. An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. This defense includes a novel account of. Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Kathrin Koslicki. Kathrin Koslicki. Search for other works by this author on.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: So, one way of resolving the apparent inconsistency is by relativizing all properties to times.

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To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Remember me on this computer. The sixth and last chapter is devoted to the rebuttal of some arguments against four-dimensionalism. Josh Parsons – – Four-dimensilnalism Monist 83 3: For many years to come, this book is sure to be the locus classicus with respect to which all those engaged with the literature on persistence must position themselves. How can we ascribe both these properties to the same object?

A rather better objection: Ebook This title is available as an ebook. The Sources of Intentionality Uriah Kriegel.

Four-dimensionalism: An ontology of persistence and time | Orao Orakwusi –

The rst is about what there is. In Favor of Four-Dimensionalism Part 1 5. The Moving Spotlight Theory. For the record, the presentists I know best are perfectly willing to take seriously the suggestion that we aan science on the basis of a priori reflection on the nature of time. In Newtonian spacetime, comparisons of positions at different times pose no problem, for there places endure: So what does Sider have to say in favor four-vimensionalism Four-Dimensionalism?


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Material Objects in Metaphysics. Such property-ascriptions are true in virtue of a counterpart-relation that one stage of an object bears to other stages in the same four-dimensional worm: My library Help Advanced Book Search. Click four-dimenwionalism to sign up.


If you would like to cite this article, please do so as follows: This hypersurface may not correspond with any hyperplane of simultaneity of any inertial frame. Yuri Balashov – – The Monist 83 3: The Four-Dimensional Picture 2. I take them to outweigh fourr-dimensionalism advantages of the stage view. Four-Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts.

An Ontology of Persistence and Time that frame this is the so-called neo-Lorentzian interpretation of special cour-dimensionalism.


The latter view is considered to give the best account of the paradoxes of coincidence. Sider does not exaggerate the shortcomings of these alternative resolutions, but he does plainly expose them — and in my view successfully shows why Four-Dimensionalism is the most plausible lesson to extract from investigation of these puzzles.


Cotnoir and Donald L. In conclusion Sider replies to prominent objections to four- dimensionalism, including discussion of the problem of the rotating homogenous disk.

Mariusz Grygianiec – – Filozofia Nauki 1. The second option she has, is to de ne some spacelike hypersurface of Minkowski spacetime as being a plane of absolute simultaneity. He honestly acknowledges that four-dumensionalism is a defense by elimination and that persistecne guided tour through the catalog of arguments for and against the thesis in question is designed to show that, on balance, Four-Dimensionalism is the most palatable or least objectionable of the views on offer.

The second debate is a debate about persistence: This means that she has to endow spacetime with a lot of structure for purely metaphysical reasons. Here I am convinced. The stage view, it turns out, solves these puzzles by letting us attend four-dimenzionalism the Fs themselves, count by identity, and get what appears to be the proper answer.