A biography of New Thought writer Frank Channing Haddock, best known for his Power-Book Library which included the Power of Will, Power for Success, etc. Power of Will has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Three parts embracing the Theory and Practice of a Growing Will; Direct Control of the Personal. 1 quote from Frank Channing Haddock: ‘Personal life is a play between powers without and powers within the central function of Will. Personal life ends in.

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I affirm my sovereign selfhood. If you come to harmony with the White Life, your fears will vanish because you will then share in the Courage of the Eternal Good.

Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. When you are threatened by some hostile force or event, reason tries to induce self-protection, but you know no real fear if you are saturated with the feeling of harmony. Normal mind is always capable of such warning. We now proceed to formulate certain other laws that have been involved in our discussion, but not, for the most part, expressed as such.

I deny that the Universe is not for me. Cynthia Rennolds rated it really liked it Jul 14, Light shelf wear to purple boards with gilt lettering, while the gilt top-edge pages are clean and unmarked with light foxing to outer page edge, binding is tight and secure.

But when you deny, it is a great mistake if you do not affirm something better. Mediumship is totally independent of it. Channing Haddock 7th edition Fast secure shipping worldwide. The silent, persistent demand of the self upon the Universal Magnetism makes it a center toward which the Forces naturally gravitate.

If you project surface II through to surface IV, you are magnetic. The divine right of kings; the littleness and unholiness of fundamental human nature; a God who is a kind of huge carpenter; a Feank who needs to be appeased; a Providence which punishes; the idea that some people are created for toil and service and others for ease and to be served; the notion that we must eschew havdock drugs or depend only on drugs; the thought which makes disease an entity; the fancy that the illness of some is fgank divine will; the feeling frak wealth should not be craved, or that it exists for a favored few; the creed that “evil” is a necessary existence; the faith that heaven is reserved for the “elect” who “believe” a number of things; the horror of an eternal hell; the heresy that religion, the spiritual, need have anything to do with creeds, rites or ceremonies; the feeling that success is only for the favored ones of earth; and so on, and so on.


Even when the general arena of success in life has been closed channkng of consideration, as in these pages, Success- Magnetism defies any single mind to fathom it or to bound it. When any form of health is threatened, you say, perhaps, it is FEAR that warns you to self-preservation. frabk

Truth is, indeed, eternal, but our relation must keep pace with it as we swing through frxnk vast heavens of time. If to you evil is, then, it is yourself. The real friend is reason, acting amid harmonic conditions. The giant trees of California were once puny saplings. I affirm buoyant happiness as my chanjing possession.

It is altogether superior to low-minded revenge. Frank Haddock died in Meriden, Connecticut on February 9,at the age of The author guarantees the remedy in any case that is not fit for the hospital.

Ren marked it as to-read Sep 12, The higher reason declares self-preservation to be the first law of life, and then, just because this is true, it cares for self and trusts the White Universe to assist. Pyramid of Moral Health.

The hadsock thing valuable in religion is the White Life within the human self. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.


Power of Will by Frank Channing Haddock

This book has tried to saturate you with the idea of success coordinating with its necessary elements, and has thus endeavored to swing your whole being into mighty belief that large success is also for YOU. If you ask, “What are the limits of this truth?

Physical Health makes for Physical Magnetism; 2. If you have energetically observed its directions, you have developed both varieties; but, above that, you have also combined them into one living whole, the magnetic personality.

Power of Will

If you cannot do xhanning or choose not to do soyou should at least constitute this book a permanent companion. Souls are coming free. Hereafter our work will be more specific and adressed to the varying conditions of the individual man or woman. Psychic health bases Physical Magnetism. These are merely miscellaneous examples of the thousand old-time “truths” which are now more and more denied.

Launch out channiing the New Thought of Life, and receive, as you do so, whatever is rightly your own, as you are increasingly able to do so. If you would be magnetic in personal relations, you must splendidly believe both in yourself and in other people. I am the spirit of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole. Who loves the fire–hued, smoke blooms of Hell’s Land? It is good, but there is a type which is vastly superior: It has done more to wreck careers and ruin happiness than all the wars of history.

It is, with pain and weariness, the philanthropy of the nature of things within us. All may acquire dauntless yet serene courage.