OCR context is very easy to set and use, yet very important in the OCR process. ‘We assume that GdPicture has been correctly installed and unlocked. ‘We assume that GdPicture has been correctly installed and unlocked. Dim oGdPictureImaging As GdPictureImaging = New GdPictureImaging() Dim pageCount. What’s new in v.8? Here are some of the new features available in 8 (the list below is not exhaustive): Thread safe OCR module [.

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A value between and should give optimal results on A4-sized documents.

GdPicture.NET OCR SDK : Tesseract Plugin

Generally values over will cause excessive memory usage. FavourAccuracy corresponds to a passcount of 2. This method involves a rasterisation process so any existing visible text within the processed pages will become a part of the images of those pages before the OCR process starts.

The same applies to the invisible text contained within pages. It is not kept because of the rasterisation process, which simply means any invisible text is removed from processed pages before the OCR process starts. Please note, that this method is running asynchronously, in other words you have to wait for the OCR process ending before manipulating the document further.


Visual Basic Language Filter: Visual Basic Declaration Language Filter: The page range to be processed, for example, “1;4;5” to process pages 1, 4 and 5 or “;10” to process pages from 1 to 5 and page The number of threads to use, asynchronously.

Set this parameter to 0 to let the engine to automatically maximize the performance. The prefix of the dictionary file to use, for example, “spa” for Spanish, “eng” for English, “fra” for French, etc. The path with all installed dictionary files the OCR engine will use.

Of course you can specify your own path as well. So called white list of characters, in other words the restricted recognition characters.

It means that the engine returns only the specified characters when processing. For example, if you want to gdpictuure recognize numeric characters, set this parameter to “”. Set this parameter to the empty string to recognize all characters.

The dpi resolution the OCR engine will use. It is recommended to use by default. The number of passes the engine will execute.

Use 0 for automatic. Use 1 to obtain the best speed default value. Use 2 to favor accuracy slower. Runs the optical character recognition OCR on the specified page range of the loaded PDF document using a defined number of threads. You can also set other parameters according to your preferences. The recognized text is added as invisible text on each processed page. Gdplcture page orientation is automatically detected for each page as well.


A member of the GdPictureStatus enumeration. If the method has been successfully followed, then the return value is GdPictureStatus.

OCR Archives –

We strongly recommend always checking this status first. Please note that this method is only allowed for use with non-encrypted gdppicture. At the same, be aware that this method is running asynchronously. Show “The resulting document is saved.

Show “The resulting document can’t be saved. Or “OcrPages – Done! Show “The OCR process has failed. Show “The process of adding images has failed. Show “The new document can’t be created. Show “The image file can’t be loaded.