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Align Visible Layers… 6. Layer to Top 7. Show in File Manager 2. File formats support 2. Fit Canvas to Selection 6. Fill with FG Color 3. Subtract Layer Mask from Selection 7. Image Management Related Dialogs 4.


Disable Layer Mask 7. Color to Alpha… 8. Tool Presets Dialog 5. Tool Preset Editor 5. Er ontbreekt een stuk help! Light and Shadow Filters 5. Variables And Functions 3. Open as Layers… 2. Reset All Filters Melden van het defect 3.

Snap to Grid 5. Hoe wordt u GIMP deskundige? Crop to Selection 7. Een bestand openen 3. Using External Programs 3. Reset All Filters GEGL port, nedeflands bit depth support, multi-threading, and more 2.


GIMP – Documentation

Create a Local Working Copy of Code 1. Whirl and Pinch 4. Afbeeldingen importeren in GIMP 1.

Save to Channel 4. Working under Windows 4.

Managing Text Layer 1. Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image 1. Crop to Selection 6. Select Next Layer 7. Using Script-Fu Scripts 2.

Rotate An Image 4. How to Draw Straight Lines 5. Sample Points Dialog 5. Creating a brush quickly Image-content Related Dialogs 3. Select By Color 2. Image Window Title and Statusbar 1. Gijp an Object From Its Background 5. Problems of a non Color Managed Workflow 1. Disable Layer Mask 7. Add Layer Mask 7.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Adding or subtracting selections 3. Paste In Place 3.

Flip An Image 4. Introduction to a Color Managed Workflow