Online Go/Baduk/Weiqi game records database with fuseki and joseki trees. Consist from games played on Kiseido Go Server (KGS). Welcome to the Fuseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform fuseki (opening) searches in thousands of online professional Go. These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki. However, since fuseki is.

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Fuseki pages

These include the two-star fuseki nirensei fusekithree-star fuseki sanrensei fusekiChinese fusekiKobayashi fusekiand Shusaku fuseki. In order to avoid the developments in Dia 2 above, black guards the north west side with sente and gains much territory. Which joseki fits best in a tuseki fuseki pattern What are the places to fight in the fuseki pattern Which fuseki types are most frequently played and by whom Which fuseki types are currently fashionable How do fuseki patterns evolve over the years.

The range of possibilities is great, and the number of game records from high-level play that are actually published is not so large even now a few thousand a year, only.

However, the influence-oriented approach is more abstract and harder for beginners to grasp and play. Ideally the student should have a thorough knowledge of even game joseki; and the author of these studies fully expected each student to have already perused his three volumes of even game joseki, and to refer to them from time to time to understand more fully the underlying motives of many of the plays.

In classical Go, by custom, Black always made his first play at the righthand upper right point, the fuseko reason being to limit after a fashion, the innumerable possibilities of opening play.

This outpost might also have been at Q or R. White 24 advances down the west side while black is building up his territory in the north. The concept of influence-oriented play gave birth to many revolutionary fuseki such as the two-star fuseki nirensei fusekithree-star fuseki sanrensei fuseki and so on. He has, however, here chosen 15 for the purpose of occupying the south side towards the west. This has a similar purpose to that of white The reason that black usually played in that corner was more or less to produce a familiar pattern so that he would be more at home in the subsequent manoeuvering.

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This is a severe blow to white. Thus, as far as the corner is concerned, white has the advantage. White now having sente turns to this point, which is an offensive against the black formation and also an ambitious extension along the south side from Until aboutprofessional players made use only of a relatively small proportion of the currently established patterns in the opening.

Honinbo Shusai Introduction These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki.

Unfortunately no translation of his joseki is available at this time. See also BGJ 2 page 18 move 9. This development occurs frequently and should be remembered. Since aroundthere has been a succession of fashionable openings, largely a product of Korean professionals, which have been studied and played in a more chess-like manner that is, with successive refinements hammered out in high-profile games.

This latter play would have the double advantage of combining a squeeze attack on white 2 with the formation of a base for expansion in the north west sector. Should black omit this play, he would still be vulnerable to a white attack at W. In this case H or I would not be good, because then black could reply with Vo or K respectively, gaining an advantage because of the expansion of his territory in the first case, and because vuseki the threat of a pressing down play at L forcing white toward the strong black position and then making a big extension along the south side.

It is advisable to play here now, whether or not white has played at B. Usually White would now place a stone at F.

Often Black 23′ at Fyseki, white 24′ at U follows; but in this case it would leave the black position open to a white attack at V. Black 9 – The combination of the two might help you deepening your knowledge and understanding of the opening stages in the game of Go. An unwise move in classical thinking, it was considered an insult to someone of the Honinbo’s stature.


A good alternative would have been G, but still in the same corner. Many similar patterns have been tried and played in modern games. A rough estimate of the prospective territory reveals that black is ahead, but the fuseko side is not yet clarified enough to make a proper evaluation possible as white is bound to gain a few points in attacking the three stones in the south west, and the two in the east as well.

Against black’s strong bamboo loint, 6 is practically helpless; whereas og, although pitted against white’s entrenchment in the corner still enjoys the advantage of possible extensions towards the north west.

Although it requires more effort og secure the center, it constitutes the majority of territory on the board.

– Fuseki Dictionary

As played on a large board e. This stone could have been played in the south east corner instead. Retrieved from ” https: At this stage of the fuseki, it is of no consequence to discuss the comparative advantages of F and 8. Since each move is typically isolated and unforced i. In this case, however, black has as a valuable outpost to the initial corner play of. This play has the advantage of inviting white to play at B, og which black would advance to 5. There are literally thousands of possible patterns after just the first moves played.

This is a common play to sever the connection between 2 and 6. The dictionary will enable you to perform fuseki ggo searches in thousands of online professional Go games.

It also enables you to investigate sub-patterns which occur in the full-board positions. White here had an alternative in W.

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