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Instead they are single line text fields. GURPS 4th edition, half-page.

Character sheet

Until that changes, sharing any version of it infringes the copyright — purchasing the PDF version of the book is the only way to get it editionn note, it is not form-fillable. Find More Posts by Shaddycat. Like traits in version 1. Random Fantasy Culture Name Generator. To address this, there are already several decent character sheet management software packages.

September 15, In Defense of House Stark All of the notes and characters for a convention game of bikers and werewolves I ran at Gatewayas described in this post. I wanted something that would work on any characfer operating system, and would only require that you had an internet browser to run it. Is it somehow possible to save the document with the hcaracter data?

GURPS Character Sheet

I tried the card sheet in several browsers. I recently found it and decided it should be included in JCSP; this will be chracter of release 1. The time now is Includes a few simple auto-calculations. Completed sheets will look identical to the non-interactive sheet, with the sole exception of individual DR locations in the DR box. My handling of equipment and encumbrance is unusually good, I think. The bug in question affected the cost cahracter for certain modified traits.


ggurps Whether I will get that permission is another thing entirely. I’m hoping to start actually cnaracter GURPS this summer, and in case editionn happens, I wanted my latest-greatest here, so that my players could use it. GURPS 3rd edition, 2-page layout. Which one do you have in your book? Give me a few days; I eeition check this email address frequently.

Using Safari I was unable to get the print settings to put more than one card on a page; apparently Safari always wants to split up iframes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. After a quick bug-spotting, I have updated the ‘live’ code on the site for v1. Find More Posts by rlbeaver. Find More Posts by Fnordianslip. May 17, Version 1. I’m sure I can make it work though, thank you! The sheet in the Instant Characters pull-out is the two-sided version, which is the one that sjard linked to.

My address is ‘jim. All times are GMT August 5, Grenades Table Table displaying various grenades and their effects broken down by distance in yards from point of explosion, as explained in this post.

You can create customized traits, skills, and equipment. In the meantime, you can try it out here. Please xheet, the Feint maneuver is not included!


Doesn’t proofread forum posts before clicking “Submit”. This is an older project, and some of these are not as up-to-date as the web pages they are taken from. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Extremely simplified collection of GM info for running streamlined games. Depending on whether or not permission is granted determines chsracter or not I can aid you in your quest to get printable copies of the character sheets from the book itself. GURPS 4th edition, landscape layout 1.

April 14, Also available for individual download.

This version saw the merging of the Advantages, Disadvantages, Perqs, and Quirks subclasses into a single new Trait class. Originally Posted by OldSam. If anyone desires a copy of the PDF, email me and I’ll send it your way.

Find More Posts by OldSam. Last edited by mook; at The instructions above work for Firefox; using Chrome I just had to set the margins to ‘minimum’ and layout to ‘landscape’ the printout was in black-and-white, though.

You can even include character art: Originally Posted by OldSam Looks really nice!