GURPS The Prisoner Roleplaying In The Village [David Ladyman, Steve Jackson ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The authorized. GURPS The Prisoner has 29 ratings and 1 review. The authorized roleplaying worldbook for The Prisoner, the classic British series starring Patrick McGooh. Authorised roleplaying worldbook for The Prisoner, the classic British series starring Patrick McGoohan. It describes The Village and its inhabitants, both warders.

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Where was the PC from?

Sorry I didn’t get to this last night. Paul Weimer added it Jan 18, The Village is an idyllic resort in many respects, with one major flaw. No Web Links Found.

This densely packed page book provides a detailed overview of The Village setting, its inhabitants, and the tools and techniques of control used by the warders. What does the PC know or do they think the PC knows? Perhaps he has something to hide wanted to keep an air of mystique to the Village, but gave plenty of information.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Village, then, is just the kind of world I like to GM and play in — a world where roleplaying, not power-tripping, is emphasized. And, as I write this, Steve Beeman and I are finishing the first of what we hope to be three pfisoner supplements. Oh, they may promise, but. It is a world of conflict, but the emphasis is less on physical conflict hurps on mental and psychological hostilities.

This isn’t to say that adventures here are dry, cerebral affairs.


GURPS The Prisoner Steve Jackson Games RPG David Ladyman x | eBay

Clayton Barr rated it it was ok Nov 21, A short Adventure introduces a party of prisoners into The Village. Cal Godot rated it really liked it Apr 07, When was the PC taken to the Gufps This is the first time SJG has tried combining the best aspects of solo and GMed play — give it a shot and tell them what you think.

Who do I trust? It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Gustavo Thron added it Jan 02, Certainly doesn’t suggest much in the way of roleplaying, does it?

Surprisingly enough, The Prisoner packs a powerful roleplaying punch, introducing some fresh and previously untried angles on the games we play with our minds. Lists with This Book. I do have one that I’m not willing to part with.

GURPS The Prisoner Steve Jackson Games RPG David Ladyman 1989 155634161x

Designer Notes are usually the author’s thoughts on writing the book. It’s nice to get paid to surf the boards. If both are trustworthy, the PC’s planned escape goes much easier, but gueps either one be trusted? Brief description, table of contents overview, nifty bits, that kind of thing?

GURPS The Prisoner Designer’s Article

This first one, “The Schizoid Man,” is based on the television episode of the same name. I am much more pleased when problems require clever solutions, than when they have to be treated with fire, lightning or a cloud of death. Thanks for telling us about the problem. If I can get my hands on another, I’ll let you know. DunDraCon ’90, campaign notes, reviews, rule playing pirsoner. The author does a good job of describing the plot and, more importantly, the tone of The Prisoner in gaming terms.


Chuck rated it liked it Jul 30, I supported because… “I’m hoping to donate enough to become an honorary Bruce. And it’s a large discussion of what the Village is, as opposed to hard and fast game rule for it.

Eugene Nomura rated it liked it Feb 13, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Make them unsure who they pirsoner trust, if they can trust anyone, including themselves. I think he gave suggestions and ranges, but not actual stats. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Maybe we’ll get it as an E23 PDF soon? I am not a number!

However, the most interesting things I have to say in that respect are included in the book’s Introduction, so I’ll spend a few minutes here describing the hhe to you and perhaps convince you to check it out. Originally Posted by Ths Actually, it’s gilded. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: It is important to remember, as I’ve said above, the author David Ladyman, which seems like an alias to me.

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In some respects, The Village is restricted as a roleplaying arena — it is prisoenr than half a mile across, its buildings and people are fairly mundane, and PCs don’t have access to much in the way of magic, superpowers or firearms.

And if the warders ignore them, the jammers might just pull off a plot of their own.