Cross-Cultural Themes Series. Author, Peter T. Furst. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Chandler & Sharp, ISBN, , Hallucinogens and Culture has 34 ratings and 1 review. Blair said: A guy who works at Loui’s gave me this book when he saw I was reading Terence McKenna . HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE by PETER T. FURST. San. Francisco: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc., pp. $ Reviewed by William.

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In addition, norepenephrine in the brain has been found to correspond structurally to caffeic acid, derived from chemicals found in several plants, including coffee beans and potatoes. The first modern psychiatrist to adopt it on a sustained basis as an adjunct to psychotherapy seems to have been Naranjo, who reported his initial results with the drug in Theresa rated it really liked it Sep 15, After these had been burned, the ashes were placed within fkrst mortars, together with a great deal of tobacco; this herb is used by the Indians to relieve the body so as to calm the pains of toil.

We will have occasion to refer to this particular Aztec phenomenon again in another chapter. Alistair rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Solecki, who excavated the 60,year-old Shanidar cave burials, the presence of so many plants of proven medicinal value in one of the graves at least raises “speculation about the extent of the human spirit in Neanderthals” Solecki, Weston La Barre, James B.

The Sacred Pipe Considering its enormous geographic spread in the Americas at the time of European discovery, as well as the probable age of stone tobacco pipes in California, the inhaling often called “drinking” or “eating” of tobacco smoke by the shaman, as a corollary to therapeutic fumigation and the feeding of the gods with smoke, must also be of considerable antiquity.

Pertinent to species differentiation on a chemical basis may be the unexpected, recent discovery, made independently by several workers, that chemical differences in Cannabis appear to be based more on a genetic hallucinoges than on environmental or edaphic factors. Claudia rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Weil may culturr be correct; certainly he makes a persuasive cross-cultural case that the desire for temporary states of altered consciousness is embedded in the neurophysiological structure of the brain rather than in social conditioning.

Also, in contrast to the nutmeg derivatives MDA and MMDA, which do not occur naturally but are the result of in vitro animation, ibogaine and harmaline, the other two psychedelics which Naranjo found most useful, are very much in evidence in the natural world itself— as are the tryptamines, ergolines, isoquinolines, phenylethylamines, and tropanes in the major hallucinogens of the New World, or the isoxazoles of the fly-agaric mushroom, Amanita muscaria.

He died and Zame brought his spirit to him. I must read about flying reindeer. Awakening from his tobacco trance, the novice shaman feels newborn, confident of the truth of the ancient traditions because they have been validated by his own ecstatic experience. As a result of this original act, each phratry has its own particular kind of yaje based not on species differentiation but on different external appearances of the plant and the ways its effects are perceived.


It is important to note that the early missionary fathers more often than not were content to accept as true the reports they heard from the Indians of the wondrous effects of the magical plants, especially in connection with divination and curing, the two areas in which the native hallucinogens played their most important role.

Hallucinogens And “Archetypes” 49 6.

Peyote, to mention only one, has a proven cultural history of more than 2, years in Mesoamerica, and is likely to be far older still than its first botanically recognizable representation in archaeological tomb art dating to the period from BC to AD Finally, he has smoked many ritual cigarettes of the extremely potent native Nicotiana rustica tobacco wrapped in cornhusk, and he may also have purified himself fyrst and literally by eating impressive quantities of the same tobacco, whose content of nicotine and other alkaloids is far greater than that of commercial cigarettes.

The regular way is to hallucinogehs small doses of eboka two to three teaspoonfuls for women and three to five for men in powdered form before and in the early hours of the ceremonies.

Obviously, many significant areas culfure research in psychopharmacology and ethnobotany, as well as some interesting and as yet little- understood nonchemical “techniques of ecstasy” have had to be slighted, in favor of in- depth treatment of some others of more general interest.

One is Alchornea floribunda, called alan. Kristian rated it really liked it Dec 10, A Beginning Study, by Norman E. In the last decades of the nineteenth century the German colonial administration of northern Gabon, then German Kamerun, encouraged its use as a central stimulant on tiring marches and colonial labor projects. Chemical systems active in the human brain, then, are now known to be close kin to growth-promoting substances in plants, including several that are powerfully psychoactive, a discovery of no mean evolutionary as well as pharmacological implications.

Who, indeed, could doubt the power of such a mixture on the mind as well as the body?

Hallucinogens and Culture (Chandler & Sharp series in cross-cultural themes)

The water used for mixing the clay likewise has a mystical hxllucinogens with deer, for plants that have been knocked down by deer while feeding are soaked in it before it is added to the clay. Safrol is also present in other spices, most prominently in oil of sassafras, which consists about 80 percent of safrol. If the enemas of the ancient Maya were, like those of Peruvian Indians, intoxicating or hallucinogenic, they might have been compounds of fermented balche honey meaditself a very sacred beverage, fortified with tobacco or with morning- glory-seed infusions.

After these had been crushed, a ground seed called ololiuhqui was added, which the natives apply to their bodies and drink to see visions.

Hallucinogens and Culture – Peter T. Furst – Google Books

La Barre’s proposition that the earliest Americans must have brought their fascination for the psychedelic flora with them from their Hallucinogwns homeland, as a function of ecstatic visionary shamanism, now seems confirmed by prehistoric archaeology La Barre’s and Weil’s are not, of course, mutually hallucinofens hypotheses.


According to Duran, the priests painted themselves with this fearsome mixture and, rendered unafraid of wild animals and other dangers by their magic potion, set forth at night to visit dark caves and “somber, fearful cliffs.

At Frightful Cave, the earliest occurrence of Sophora was dated at BC, with a margin of error of only 85 years in either direction. However, I suspect that until a holistic furzt, integrating anthropology, biology, and psychology, has become so fully accepted by the general public no less than the drug-research, lawmaking, and law-enforcement establishment as to be second nature, resort to any but officially approved or commercially touted drugs to alter consciousness will always be perceived as objectionable.

In this I follow a new determination by Schultes and his colleagues Whites generally interpreted the ritual as a test of courage and fortitude, or preferred to see it as an example of Indian “cruelty,” but in fact it belongs well within the general tradition of the ecstatic spirit quest, however extreme it may be as an example of the drugless vision-inducing ordeal.

For the century following the Conquest, the treatises of Jacinto de la Sema and of Ruiz de Alarcon are essential for an understanding of the continued functions of cultur hallucinogens, especially tobacco, morning glories, peyote, and mushrooms, during the early Colonial period, and the ways in which these were affected by, or managed to evade, the processes of culture change fulture Christian acculturation.

Of course they could also have been a tobacco infusion alone. Even many relatively acculturated Indians who participate to one or another degree in the national economy still make hallucinoegns distinction between white man’s tobacco and their own. Furthermore, tobacco smoke is as essential to shamanic curing among the Huichols as it is everywhere else in American Indian shamanism. The psychoactive properties of nutmeg, which have been noted by physicians since early times, present a whole series of interesting cultural and psychopharmacological problems, especially since two of its essential oils, safrol and myristicin, are the basis of two synthetic drugs, MDA and MMDA, hhallucinogens derivatives that have become andd in psychotherapy.

That there is considerable variability in the strength of marihuana and other preparations of Cannabis has long halllucinogens generally known, to scientists as well as social users. It is entirely possible that the progenitors of N. However, since the people likewise depend on the good will of the supernaturals, the relationship was one of reciprocity and interdependency, differing fundamentally from Judeo-Christian concepts.

Cannabis actually had a wide variety of medical uses in the United States between and ; it was listed as a recognized medicinal drug in the United States Pharmacopoeia until cullture is still so included in its British counterpart.