Hammerhead Ranch Motel has ratings and reviews. Mike said: My GR Friend Fred Forbes commented that Serge Storms grows on you. He is correct!. There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have survived only by the dumbest fortune, hard-luck gigolos desperate to sc. Hammerhead Ranch Motel. Tim Dorsey. BUY NOW. There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have.

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Those guys fire bullets. Another wacky Florida mystery.


The credit for that goes to Mr. And Dorsey writes like nobody else – it’s not slapstick, it’s not satire, it’s not sarcasm, yet it’s all those things as well. What can you say about Serge A. I generally lean towards non-fiction books – from the political side over to the self-help genre – but every once in a while I hamkerhead venture into the world of fiction, and Dorsey’s early work is first-rate.

Man, Hammehead forgot how whacked-out crazy these books can get!

Hammerhead Ranch Motel (Serge Storms, #2) by Tim Dorsey

Serge is a modern day MacGyver of death. Again, Dorsey comes through with superb character development, and best of all was another easy read that will most definitely leave you wanting to pick moteel the series’ next book – Orange Crush, but don’t give up there Both Flag and the local community’s xenophobic mayor, Malcolm Kefauver, are blown out to sea by the hurricane.


Apr 22, Lee rated it really liked it.

Jan 24, Clayton Yuen rated it it was amazing Shelves: He left the paper in August to write full time. Almost every chapter seems to introduce a new character, some of whom don’t even survive the chapter.

Florida Roadkill Tim Dorsey.

Art learns the truth from Rahch and is befriended by the attractive single mother of the boy whose life he saved. Not even Toto the Weather Dog, the top-rated attraction on the Florida Cable News, can escape his fate, meeting an untimely end high above the Caribbean in the eye of Hurricane Rolando-berto.

Zaniness ensues when the search for the money takes Serge and other wanna-be millionaires to a kitsch-y motel in the Tampa area where they contend with condo owners, racists, themselves and a force-4 hurricane. There is a moon rock scam. Let’s put it this way: As for the rest of you, just don’t wonder why everyone else is laughing.

Tim Dorsey is one of the best comedy writers of our times. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s a hilarious book, fast-paced, hammwrhead of twists and turns and highly recommended. There is of course, Serge Storms, the Florida loving maniac criminal with a heart of gold. Dec 31, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: Torpedo Juice Tim Dorsey.

Views Read Edit View history. From tohe was a police and courts reporter for The Alabama Journal, the now-defunct evening newspaper in Montgomery. Dorsey’s bunch of loonies in Florida Roadkill. Tim Dorsey, author of the raucous, raw-edged, hilariously bent literary joy-ride, Florida Roadkill, now invites you back to his Sunshine State-not the tourist-mecca pensioner-paradise the Chamber of Commerce would have you visit, but an Eden verdant with lost drug money; a center of lunatic gravity drawing fugitives, gangsters, losers, sociopaths and psychos of every flavor and degree to its tropic environs.


Jan 25, Jake rated it it was amazing.

With characters hammerhezd disposable, though, it’s hard to get engaged in a tale that’s witty but essentially heartless. The reader is granted a readers digest introduction to these characters This book was a chaotic mess. Leave your rational mind at home and come well armed. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat Please provide an email address. Zargoza’s “fall guy”, a washed-up rock musician named C.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel

Jun 04, Jessica rated it it was ok. I am from Florida and love these “in situ” novel where people and places are named and in the fiction. Its, once again, a dysfunctional story about dysfunctional people with dysfunctional relationships in a dysfunctional world. The Motel’s owner is a gangster named Zargoza who legally changed his name from Harvey Fiddlebottom. Atomic Lobster Tim Dorsey. Jun 09, Kara Prem rated it it was amazing. Description There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: