Amiel’s Journal has ratings and 14 reviews. Jessica said: I have completed my journey with Henri. I was a little sad to lose him. Of course technical. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. INTRODUCTION. IT WAS in the last days of December, , that the first volume of Henri Frederic Amiel’s “Journal Intime” was published at Geneva. The book.

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Or rather, above the economic and political equality to which the socialist and non-socialist democracy aspires, taking it too often for the term of its efforts, will there not arise a new kingdom of mind, a church of refuge, a republic of souls, in which, far beyond the region of mere right and sordid utility, beauty, devo- tion, holiness, heroism, enthusiasm, the extraordinary, the 18 AMIEL’S JO URNAL.

It is an inno- cent one, and the public may even be said to have a kind of right to know as much as can be told it of jkurnal person- alities which move and stir it. But I have not translated all the rfdric material to be found in that edition nor have I omitted certain sections of the Journal which in these two recent volumes have been omitted by their French editors.

Take mournal verses, written at twenty-one, to his younger sister: Both as poet and as psychologist.

Journal of Henri Frederic Amiel/Preface – Wikisource, the free online library

Amiel had not the slightest success either. Make haste to be kind. There is but one thing need- ful to possess God.

Views Read Edit View history. But none the less the step was a fatal one. Beside his actual sense of community with the visible world, Amiel’s love of land- scape has a tame, didactic air. All the pleasant paths which traverse the kingdom of Knowledge, in which so many of us find shelter and life-long means of happiness, led Amiel straight into the wilderness of ab- stract speculation.

Kossi and Sismondi were busy lecturing to the Genevese youth, or taking part in Genevese legislation ; an active scientific group, headed by the Pictets, De la Kive, and the botanist Auguste-Pyrame de Candolle, kept the country abreast of European thought and speculation, while the mixed nationality of the place the blending in it of French keenness with Protestant enthusiasms and Protestant solidity was beginning to find inimitable and characteristic expression in the stories of Topffer.

His book is representative of human ex- perience in its more intimate and personal forms to aii extent hardly equaled since Rousseau. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Moral love places the center of the individual in the center of being. The fatality of the consequences which follow upon every hu- man act, the leading idea of dramatic art and the most tragic element of life, arrests me more certainly than the arm of the Commandeur. For the “Journal Intime” runs to 17, folio pages of MS. I have been reading, for six or seven hours without stopping the Pensees of Joubert.

But with all the help that has been so freely given me, not only by these friends but by others, I confide the little book to the public with many a misgiving! So the reality, the present, yenri irreparable, the necessary, repel and even terrify me.

The redemption of the intelligence is not the redemption of the heart.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel from Project Gutenberg

That he possessed literary power of the highest order is abundantly proved by the “Journal Intime. Born in Geneva inhe was descended from a Huguenot family driven to Switzerland by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Unfortunately this was the “woe is me” bane of his life- he despaired that he was never able to let himself focus on ONE thing, and so never gained the fame and frdfic he could have had. Ina year intimf was spent entirely in Italy and Sicily, he contributed three articles on M.

I have never seen myself in imagination great or famous, or even a husband, a father, an influential citizen. The merits of Joubert consist in the grace of the style, the vivacity or finesse of the criti- cisms, the charm of the metaphors; but he starts many more problems than he solves, he notices and records more than he explains.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel

He was a member of the parliament of Frankfort. The one had all the will and force of personality which the other lacked. Equality engenders uniformity, and it is by sacrificing what is excellent, remarkable, and extra- ordinary that we get rid of what is bad.

The place of Joubert seems to me then, below and very far from the philosophers and the true poets, but honorable among the moralists and the critics. Beyond the religions of the present he sees always the essential religion which lasts when all local forms and marvels have passed away; and as years go on, with more and more clearness of conviction, he learns to regard all special belief s and systems as ” prejudices, useful in practice, but still narrownesses of the mind ; ” misgrowths of thought, necessary in their time and place, but still of no absolute value, and having no final claim on the thought of man.

I felt a boundless desire intme caress and play with them. As I cannot suppose that so peculiar a psychological revelation will enjoy a wide popularity, I intims it a duty to the editor to assure him that there are persons in intimd world whose souls respond, in the depths of their inmost nature, to the amiell of anguish which makes itself heard in the pages of these remarkable confessions. A struggle with unfavorable opinion has seemed to me beneath me, for all the while my heart has been full of sadness and disappointment, and I have known and felt that I have been systematically and deliberately isolated.


I am astounded at the incredible amount of Judaism and formalism which still exists nineteen centuries after the Henir proclamation, ” it is the letter which killeth” after his protest against a dead symbolism. A great deal, of course, in the two papers is tech- nical and statistic, but what there is of general comment and criticism is so good that one is tempted to make some melancholy comparisons between them and another article in the Bibliotheque, that on Adolphe Pictet, written in qmiel, and from which we have already quoted.

Amiel never says to himself or to others, “I know the truth frdrix hear me! Justin Benz rated it really liked it Jun 15, However this may be, it is certain that German thought took possession of him, that he became steeped not only in German methods of speculation, but in German modes of expression, in German forms of sentiment, which clung to him through life, and vitally affected both his jjournal and his style.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel

And, in general, the pathetic interest of the book for all whose sympathy answers to what George Sand calls ” les tragedies que la pensee aperpoit et que Vml ne voit point,” is very great. Protestantism of the sincerer and nobler kind leaves an indelible impression on the nature which has once sur- rounded itself to the austere and penetrating influences flowing from the religion of sin and grace ; and so far as feeling and temperament are concerned, Amiel retained throughout his life the marks of Calvinism and Geneva.

Therefore do not amend by reason- ing, but by example ; approach feeling by feeling ; do not hope to excite love except by love. The cardinal question is that of sin. But to hunt down consideration and reputation to force the esteem of others seemed to me an effort unworthy of myself, almost a degradation. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat They recall the philosophist party of the last century, 1 able to dissolve anything by reason and reasoning, but unable to construct anything; for construction rests upon feeling, instinct, and will.