The second Master Set for the HeroScape series of games. Many different battlefields can be built by attaching and stacking the tiles. Each unit in the Master Set. The third Master Set for the HeroScape series of games, which crosses over into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Includes 10 rebased figures from. Heroscape is an expandable turn-based miniature wargaming system originally manufactured by Milton Bradley Company, and.

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Most of the figures included are from the Marro, which are an alien race designed for the game. This set contains 30 pre-painted miniature figure warriors all unique but a mixture of hero and squadcards with the stats of the different warrior figures, a large amount of interlocking hex-based tile terrain, and the jeroscape booklets, which include battlefield plans and scenarios for both basic and master games.

Swarm of the Herlscape also features a “hive” which can rebirth fallen Marro figures and a new “swamp” terrain tile type. The player with the most points at the end of the time limits wins.

Instead of one-off type games, the new campaigns use a “dungeon crawl” experience similar to a RPG type video game mzster the ‘real’ Dungeons and Dragons game. Various abilities by specific units may modify these rules to some degree e. Scenarios that come in the game, in master set and some large expansions, include detailed instructions for board setups, but many players enjoy designing their own.

However, the designers of Heroscape have stressed repeatedly that the game is not collectible per se, because purchasers can see exactly what they are getting with every pack they buy.


On November 3,Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be discontinuing production of Heroscape products, supposedly in favor of focusing on their core games: This is an almost complete set in good condition, and the game is great fun. This version was the most sought after.

Hasbro Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie

Two remakes of figures from the Rise of the Valkyrie master set Raelin and Sgt. Price board games among all online game stores. Heroscape was released in For squads, each figure in the squad is moved before any may attack. The second edition is more common and also has slightly different packaging and a revised rule book. Show More Show Less. hfroscape

Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The Marvel edition is fully compatible with the regular Heroscape figures. Battle for the Underdark”, released January 4, The biggest tournaments have been at major gaming conventions such as Gen Con or multi-genre conventions such as Comic-Conbut various local and regional tournaments are run regularly. The first master set is titled Rise of the Valkyrie.

The defense dice contain only two shields, giving a statistical advantage to the attacker.

Master Sets

After taking over Heroscape, Wizards of the Coast issued new products with a Dungeons and Dragons theme another of their product lines. These booster pack expansions are sometimes referred to as the wave expansionsas opposed to the expansions which come in larger boxes Large figure sets or large terrain sets. Search for the item you want to move to below, then submit.


Advanced game information includes species, class, personality, size, special powers, and the point value of the card. My only disappointment is that we knew we would be missing a water tile and one ruin as per the listingbut we are also missing one Marro Warrior figure.

Moving up, but not down, in elevation also costs additional movement points.

After order markers have been placed, each player rolls a twenty-sided initiative die. Top 6 Super Stocking Stuffer Board Games Round out your end-of-year gift shopping with a few small box games that pack some serious depth and fun. After movement has been completed, each surviving figure in the unit may attack any figure within its range and line of sight.

Ticalla Jungle based on jungle and tree surface tiles with fylorg spiders was supposed to be available in earlybut was delayed during the transition of making Heroscape a Wizards of the Coast product instead of a Hasbro product.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. His symbol is a skull and his faction’s color swt a dark olive-green. What does this price mean? Most advanced game scenarios allow players to choose units based on the points values printed on the army card. Hasbro Heroscape Marvel Game Set 4. He was turned into an Archkyrie by the drow archnomancer Estivara in Dungeon Adventure 2: