Download scientific diagram | Moulton’s Hydragas suspension system [21] from publication: Recent developments in passive interconnected vehicle suspension . Find great deals on eBay for mgf hydragas suspension. Shop with confidence. Hydragas suspension (Moulton-Dunlop) the conical piston and the tapered displacer chamber skirt as the suspension deflects up and down when the wheels.

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Cars using the Hydragas suspension system: Issigonis was determined that he should have interconnected fluid and rubber suspension on his Alvis.

The same applies to MGF rears to avoid any fouling on adjacent components. The pressure in the system is thus acting over a larger area, and hysragas applying additional force. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

They had total authority from Lord: Lord wanted to sweep them away and so Issigonis got the order to build the smallest of his new cars first, a proper miniature four-seater.

The heart of the system is the displacer units, which are pressurised spheres containing nitrogen gas. While the Metro was praised for its handling, and offered a significant improvement in ride quality over the Miniit was criticised for its tendency to pitch and bounce on uneven roads – precisely the syspension the interconnection was intended to remove.

No flow occurs from one unit to the other, with flow occurring only between the upper and lower chambers of individual units through the damper valves. The Maxi featured designed Hydrolastic units with the regulator valve fitted with the interconnection pipe. These are naturally stiff.


The Hydragas System Designers have considered for decades the interconnection of the front and rear wheels as a means by which to reduce unpleasant pitch behaviour of small cars. In pitch, as described above, fluid is displaced front to rear, and hence the pressure in the system stays effectively the same, and thus the suspension is much more compliant. Hydragas displacer units gradually lose their gas over time.

These cars could have uncompromised damping which, with the wheel at each corner layout. I mean, what do you want The original] Mini was the best-packaged car of all time this is an example of how not to do it.

mgf hydragas suspension | eBay

This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat The system thus has a progressive rate characteristic. The variable-area pistons stabilize the pitch oscillations. The lower diaphragm is composed of a sealing rubber layer atop a structural rubber layer. I suggest suspenison these cars will have the Issigonis layout of transverse engine and front wheel drive.

Hydragas Suspension

Automobile Division, Amazingly. Later ‘New Series’ Moulton bicycles are fitted with rear suspensions systems marketed as ‘Hydrolastic’.

Shock absorbers Automotive suspension technologies Automotive technology tradenames. His conclusion was basically that he would not want to drive it on anything other than dead-smooth tarmac. I can do no better than to paraphrase his published thoughts: This is perfectly normal, when new they had a hydragaa life of approximately 15 years. Suspenzion practically undeflected ie: The first was a linear model that showed reasonable accuracy over restricted frequency ranges.

MGF was the last vehicle platform to use this design.


Hydragas was introduced with the unloved Austin Allegro in the s and is still in use on roads today fitted to the MGF. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride whilst using small wheels with high-pressure tyres Moulton fitted his bicycles with rubber suspension units similar to those used on the original Mini. These are, in essence, miniaturised versions of the displacers used on Hydrolastic-equipped cars being a rubber cone spring with an internal fluid hyydragas to provide damping.

The function of the compression blocks was performed by normally-closed metal leaf-spring flaps. The magnitude of the mass was estimated based on the areas of the damper force vs. Hence it is possible to design a compliant suspension – giving a comfortable ride – without suffering a penalty in terms of excessive roll when cornering.


Figure 1 [2] depicts a later-generation Hydragas unit. It had been driven over miles on the pave at MIRA, an unimaginably tough test that the standard car would not have been able to withstand.

Contact Ian and Dawn on: The only “give” in the suspension occurs because of the inherent flexibility of the rubber springs. Retrieved from ” https: Alexander Moulton of Great Britain to improve the ride quality of small cars. We were able to take a short trip in both of these cars, and the sophistication of ride and handling has to be sjspension to be believed.