Thanks in advance for any replies. I have recently set up a Hylafax server on CENTOS 6. Currently we are able to print faxes to the Hylafax. ftp:// .. Also create /etc/hylafax/ with the following content to disable the email. The faxmail HylaFAX settings can be found here: hylafax. With these settings you can: receive your faxes in your.

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TextLineHeight Set the vertical text line height and spacing. I follow the instructions and If you make your own HTML and can constrain the format you should be able to add a matching rule and converter. Use height as the height, in inches, of the output page. By default, faxmail sets all text in 10 point type on an 8.

Dayton Turner Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

So much easier to update. Equivalent to the -s option.

Post by James Smith The version in debian lenny is listed as 4. Values marked as inches are specified using a syntax that identifies one of several possible units: I’m trying to keep from having to use postfix and write my own procmail recipes to do so.

I did that all by hand in the scripts last time!

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PageSize Set the output page dimensions by name. Set the name of font to use for setting text. Use width as the width, in inches, of the output page.


I’m trying to do it with sendmail. Control whether discarded MIME parts are replaced by a text message indicating the htlafax content was removed. Dividers are expected to use no more vertical space on the output page than a line of text. Set the page size to use. PageWidth Set the output page width in inches.


Hylafax Email to Fax using faxmail or anything that works

Fax received from hylafax breaks why? In addition to the above controls, faxmail can also be instructed to substitute an arbitrary string for a header tag when generating the final envelope. If the text part is completely empty, it will effectively be skipped.

BB code is On. Post by Dayton Turner So a couple things now. There are command-line options to control the point size, page dimensions, orientation, and multi-column formatting.

Text formatting can also be controlled through meta-header directives placed in the envelope of the mail message. All times are GMT Comparisons are case-insensitive and any match of a substring of the full page-size name is sufficient; e. Configuration files follow the conventions described in hylafax-client 1.

Find More Posts by tahiralmas. Hylafax Email to Fax using faxmail or anything that works. In addition to the formatting configuration parameters below, all of the parameters listed in the sendfax 1 man page apply as well.

Set the output page dimensions by name. Text formatting can also be controlled through meta-header directives placed in the envelope of the mail message.

  ASTM D7565 PDF

It seems like it shouldn’t be this difficult. Control whether long text lines are wrapper or truncated at the right hand margin. MapHeader Define a substitution for the specified header that should be done each time the header is emitted in the formatted envelope.

The account name to use to login to a fax server when doing direct delivery. Plain text body parts of a mail message are formatted in a text font with any long lines wrapped at word boundaries unless the -c option has been specified.

Most parameters correspond to a command line option. Control whether or not a cover page is automatically generated for each job. The default page width is taken from the default page size. Darren Nickerson Last edited by austin; at Cover pages are normally generated using a system- default page size usually letter-size pages, 8.

The set of known meta-headers corresponds to the set of configuration parameters defined below. All other parts will be saved as documents and submitted to HylaFAX. I have upgraded to 4.

Find More Posts by austin Does this mean that there will be a way to filter the stuff that has not “content-disposition: There are numerous fixes in 4.