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this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue of .. IEC , Dimensions of mechanical structures of the ,6 mm (19 in). Buy IEC Ed. Dimensions of mechanical structures of the mm ( 19 in) series. Part 1: Panels and racks from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Ina durable fiber reinforced plastic inch rackmount case was patented by ECS Uec and became widely used in military and commercial applications for electronic deployment and operation.

This of course varies by manufacturer, the design of the rack and its purpose, but through common constraining factors such as raised floor tile dimensionsthese dimensions have become quite common. A standard inch server rack cabinet is typically 42u in height, 19 inches Larger cases are further reinforced with additional plywood or sheet metal.

The holes are large enough to permit a bolt to be freely inserted through without binding, and bolts are fastened in place using cage nuts. A series of studies led to the adoption of frames 7 feet idc.

19-inch rack

Heavy equipment or equipment which is commonly accessed for servicing, for which attaching or detaching at all four corners simultaneously would pose a problem, is often not mounted directly onto the 60927-1 but instead is mounted via rails or slides. There is no standard for airflow and cooling of rack mounted equipment. Since the mounting hole arrangement is vertically symmetric, it is possible to mount rack-mountable equipment upside-down.

Non-isolated cases simply mount inch mounting rails inside the case. The strength required of the mounting posts means they are invariably not merely flat strips but actually a wider folded strip arranged around the corner of the rack. Many wall-mounted industrial equipment enclosures have inch ief rails to support mounting of equipment.

All 60927-1 articles needing words, phrases or quotes attributed Wikipedia articles needing words, phrases or quotes attributed from November Commons category link is on Wikidata. The holes in the posts are arranged vertically in repeating sets of three, with center-to-center separations of 0. Touring musicians, theatrical productions and sound and light companies use road case racks. This is usually required by local building codes in seismic zones.


These posts are typically heavy gauge metal or extruded aluminum. These cases are marketed to musicians and entertainers for equipment not 6097-1 to frequent transportation and rough handling.

Racks, especially two-post racks, are often secured to the floor or adjacent building structure so as not to fall over. See also Industrial PC. A pair of rails is mounted directly onto the rack, and the equipment then slides into the rack along the rails, which support it. Wikimedia Foundation servers as seen from the front. Racks carrying telecom equipment like routers and switches often have extra width to accommodate the many cables on the sides.

This gap allows a bit of room above and below an installed piece of equipment so it may be removed without binding on the adjacent equipment. Computer servers designed for rack-mounting can include a number of extra features to make the server easy to use in the rack:.

According to Telcordia Technologies Generic Requirements document GRCORE, during an earthquake, telecommunications equipment is subjected to motions that can over-stress equipment framework, circuit boards, and connectors.

Nineteen-inch racks are also often used to house professional audio and video equipment, including amplifierseffects unitsinterfaces, headphone amplifiers, and even small scale audio mixers.

Tapping large numbers of holes that may never be used is expensive; nonetheless tapped-hole racks are still in use, generally for hardware that rarely changes. The term relay rack appeared first in the world of telephony.

APC SX-range racksit is common for equipment that features 4-post mounting brackets to have an adjustable rear bracket. A difficulty with forced air fan cooling in rack equipment is that fans can fail due to age or dust.

Open Rack is a mounting system designed by Facebook ‘s Open Compute Project that has the same outside dimensions as typical inch racks e. Rack-mountable equipment is usually designed to occupy some integer number of U.

A rails kit may include a cable management arm or CMAwhich folds the cables attached to the server and allows them to expand neatly when the server is slid out, without being disconnected. Slides or rails for computers and other data processing equipment such as disk arrays or routers often need to be purchased directly from the equipment manufacturer, as there is no standardization on such equipment’s thickness measurement from the side of the rack to the equipment or means for mounting to the rail.


Views Read Edit View history. The inch rack format with rack-units of 1.

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Rack-mountable equipment is traditionally mounted by bolting or clipping its front panel to the rack. The outer shell is frequently embossed in a self-mating pattern to combat the tendency for stacked cases to deform slightly creating iiec slope that encourages the upper case to slide off.

The posts have holes in them at regular intervals, with both posts matching, so that each hole is part of a horizontal pair with a center-to-center distance of Larger cases typically have wheels for easy transport. Thus, a 1U rackmount computer is not 1. Production of clearance-hole racks is less expensive because tapping the holes is eliminated and replaced with fewer, less expensive, cage nuts. Holes so arranged can either be tapped usually Uec thread, or, less often, 6mm metric or have square holes for cage nuts.

When rack rails are idc thin to tap, rivnuts or other threaded inserts can be used, and when the particular class of equipment to be mounted is known in advance, some of the holes can be omitted from the mounting rails. Road cases are iev made from polyvinyl chloride PVC laminated plywood sides, joined by extruded aluminum edging, steel corners, handles and latches. Each module has a front panel that is 19 inches There are a multitude of specialty server racks including soundproof server racks, air conditioned server racks, NEMA rated, seismic rated, open frame, narrow, and even miniature inch racks for smaller applications.

Four-post racks allow for mounting rails to support the equipment at the front and rear. The amount of motion and resulting stress depends on the structural characteristics of the building and framework in which the equipment is contained, and the severity of the earthquake.

Byit was an established standard with holes tapped for screws with alternating spacings of 1.

When there is a large number of computers in a single rack, it is impractical for each one to have its own separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor.