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This pack contains the following: IEC +AMD CSV · IEC +AMD+AMD CSV · IEC IEC applies to the digital audio interface using the IEC series for the conveying of non-linear PCM encoded audio. IEC · IEC /AMD · IEC · IEC /AMD · IEC /AMD · IEC.

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Blank detail specification for class D applications. Critical temperature of composite superconductors by a resistance method. Assessment of image quality. Methods of measurement for waveguides Level of intermodulation products.

Digital interface Audio and music data transmission. Surface resistance of superconductors at microwave frequencies. Fibre optic connector interfaces Type SMI connector family for plastic optical fibre. Equipment for testing, measuring ormonitoring of protective measures Insulation resistance. Maritime navigation isc radiocommunication equipment and systems Shipborne automatic transponder system installation using VHF digital selective calling DSC ie.

Specification and measuring methods. Measuring methods Generic specification. Testing of balanced and coaxial information technology cabling Installed cabling as specified in EN and related standards. Helical-scan idc video cassette recording system using 6,35 mm magnetic tape for consumer use, and systems HDV format for i and p systems. Shipborne voyage data recorder VDR Performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results.


Safety requirements Electrical, thermal and energy. Fibre optic connector optical interfaces Optical interface, 2,5 mm and 1,25 mm diameter cylindrical full zirconia ferrules for 8 degrees angled-PC single mode fibres. Payments systems Particular requirements. Testing of the stability of metrological characteristics kec applying elevated temperature.

МКС EN 61937-4:2010

Basic communication structure for substation and feeder equipment Common data classes. Super video compact disc. Rating specifications for a. Measurement and documentation of key performance criteria Variable resolution projectors. Multichannel digital audio tape recorder DATR69137-1 system, for professional use bit operation for bit media.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Particular requirements Static meters for active energy classes 0,2 S and 0,5 S. Laser modules used for telecommunication. Dry, solid insulating materials. Performance standard Optical passive VIPA-based dispersion compensator of single-mode fibre transmission for category C. Characteristics and test conditions Gamma camera based wholebody imaging systems.


Residual resistance ratio of Nb-Ti composite superconductors.

IEC /AMD | IEC Webstore

Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures Hand-held and hand-manipulated current clamps and sensors for measurement of leakage currents in electrical distribution systems.

Additional specifications for CPF 3. Acceptance inspection Particular requirements for static meters for active energy classes 0,2 S, 0,5 S, 1 and 2, and class indexes A, B and C. Residual current monitors for household and similar uses RCMs. Relays for industrial application. Software aspects for computer-based systems performing category B or C functions.

BS IEC 61937-14:2017

Aramid pressboard for electrical purposes Definitions, designations and general requirements. High-voltage switchgear and controlgear Alternating current switches for rated voltages of 52 kv and above.

Superconductivity Residual resistance ratio measurement. Reference conditions for failure rates and stress models for conversion. Direct reading personal dose equivalent meters and monitors. Structuring, content and presentation.

Single-mode fibre, plug-style fixed attenuators for category U.