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certificate of departure (IMM );; immigrant visa and record of landing (IMM )/confirmation of permanent residence (IMM );; visitor record (IMM );. i only have the PR card and i do not remember that i was given the IMM or IMM can any one advice me if i can apply for the. Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM ); Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM or IMM ). Instead, fill out the.

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IMM 5292 – what does it look like?

In addition, plain paper documents do not have a significant cost either. Procuring commercially printed documents Storing commercially printed documents and, Tracking commercially printed documents In comparison, plain paper documents are available on demand.

Mind you, ijm regarding immigration takes so long, it would take even longer if we didn’t gather all the relevant documentation together for them. In this scenario, the officer would need to adhere strictly to the procedure described in Section Therefore, the paper would need to be 8. Any corrections made should also be reflected in the remarks in FOSS.

Application for a Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement of an Immigration Document

Jan 27th In some situations, officers could be completing the processing at a local office, where the application is in the GCMS. You will find this number on all correspondence except for the initial acknowledgement letter mailed to you by the Case Processing Centre in Sydney or by the local Citizenship and Immigration Canada office processing your application.


You will find this number in top right corner of your Confirmation of Permanent Residence document issued to you by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office or by the visa office where you submitted your application. Jan 21st Find More Posts by gad Therefore, officers would need to apply a photo patch with double-sided tape to the form.

The authorities have designated this new document as the IMM In such cases, the officers would need to:. The correction should be made by placing an asterisk beside the error and notating the correction in the remarks section of both copies of the IMM I know you’re sorted now OP, but just in case anyone else needed to know still.

Jan 30th1: I don’t want to send it all off and then lose my fee and 5 52292 In comparison, plain paper documents are available on demand. Therefore, officers would continue to send:.

The Distribution Process As has 529 mentioned earlier, the processing would take im, at: They would need to ascertain that the two photos: Your Record of Landing number starts with a W ; followed by nine numbers. However, there are no major changes to the processing of cases, which the officers processed using IMM forms.


New Permanent Residents could expect to receive these documents within six to eight weeks of receiving Permanent Resident PR status.

The application says you can write an imj as to why you don’t have forms, has anybody done this without a problem? You would have been given one each – they would have been stapled into your passports when you ‘landed’ by the BSO. RA or two 2 letters followed by seven 7 numbers Example: Find More Posts by Almost Canadian.

You will find this number, also referred to as an Application Numberon any official document issued to you from the visa office where you submitted your application. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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The Forms Management department supplies standardised photo patches as a regular stock item. This is because glued photos have shown a tendency to detach from the form. Find More Posts by allie2.