The operating philosophy is when the level in blowcase reach setting level, the dump sequence will start by means of using the discharge. this is the only reference i’ve ever heard of that treats this equipment: Improved Blowcase Operation and Design by William G. Elmer. see source below. The Liquid Removal Blowcase collects liquids at low pressure and uses a higher Robust skid design and commitment to service help bring operations online.

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In one cycle of operation the first gas valvesecond production gas valvefirst exhaust valve imptoved second inlet valve are closed, and second gas valvefirst production gas valvesecond exhaust valve and first inlet valve are opened. Submersible compressor 70 is comprised of two tank units. When first inlet valve 50 is opened seawater can be allowed into the evacuation conduit and through pump 56 and the open return valve and may fill either first tank 38 or second tank 72 depending upon which return valve 94 or 96 is open.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Also a valve means for controlling the inlet and exit of liquid from the compressor tanks can be connected to a common conduit as described in reference to FIGS. A first inlet valve is connected adn the first liquid inlet conduit and a first exhaust valve is connected to the first liquid exit conduit I would be grateful, if experts can guide me in the design The standard design provides extra aftercooling, bowcase part to support glycol dehydrator operation.

The present invention will be better understood with reference to the figures in conjunction with the detailed description of preferred embodiments. A submersible compressing apparatus of claim 11 further comprising: The second opening 76 is connected to second liquid conduit A well bore 10 has been drilled through the seabed 11 into an offshore petroleum reservoir 12 and has a well head 14 on the sea bed The liquid conduit is connected to a inlet valve and a tank valve.


Attached to the first tank valve 52 opposite the first liquid conduit 48 is evacuation conduit This has the advantage that the compressor tanks can be preloaded on the surface with deaerated water or fresh water containing corrosion inhibitors which would blowczse less corrosive to the compressor than utilizing seawater. The cycle will then accomplish nothing more than to move water around.

Sub-sea production separators, i. In this embodiment separate openings for inflow and outflow improvved each of the compressor tanks are provided. Alternatively, return conduits and valves can be provided such that there is a closed system in which water or other incompressible liquid is pumped from one of the compressor tanks to the other compressor tank so as to provide a closed system in which the fluid is repeatedly transferred from one tank to the other. In one embodiment the invention relates to a compressor system suitable for use underwater.

Referring now to FIG.

Improved blowcase operation and design pdf

Thus, in multiple compressor tank configuration, it can be assured that when the intake process in one vessel is stopped, there will be another vessel for which the compression process has been stopped and is waiting to start the intake process. A double cycle is illustrated in FIG.

Students Click Here Join Us! When the desired amount of liquid has been withdrawn from compressor tank 38 blowcass, valve 52 is closed and pump 56 is stopped. Next Patent Universal top-drive With no water entering the compressor tank, the water level in the compressor tank will not rise further, improvrd water thus will not overfill the compressor tank. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.


Improved Blowcase Operation and Design – OnePetro

A submersible compressing apparatus of claim 15 further comprising a first liquid level detector connected to said first compressor opegation, and a second liquid level detector connected to said second compressor tank. Reading desks and facilities Computer workstations Printing — photocopying — scanning Wireless LAN Interactive whiteboards Study cubicles Workstation for the blind and visually impaired.

The ones I used were 8-inch pipe, 6 ft long with a dump improced of 3. Check valves or actuated valves 36468082 can be used on the gas side of each compressor tank to satisfy the first and second operations.


Operations 1 and 2 can be satisfied by use of check valves, which open when the pressure across the valve in the direction of flow is positive, and closed to prevent back flow when pressure across the valve in the direction of flow is a negative. Electrical submersible pumps in the riser section of subsea well flowline.

Further, in the closed circuit embodiment neither the first inlet valve 50 nor the exhaust valve 98 is required.

A second compressor tank is provided with a gas inlet opening and a gas exit openinga liquid inlet opening and a liquid exhaust opening Press and information Press releases Press Archives.

Closing the corresponding water valves 50528688 to stop the compression process or to stop the intake process in each vessel will satisfy criteria 3 and 4. A second liquid inlet conduit is connected to the second liquid inletand a second liquid exit conduit is connected to the second liquid exhaust opening This construction allows water to be pumped into either compressor tank.

The present invention relates to compressor apparatus for gas production from underwater wells.