Eagle (Saladin Trilogy) [Jack Hight] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Salah ad-Din, or Saladin as he is known to the Franks, was a Kurd. THE SALADIN TRILOGY: EAGLE, KINGDOM, and HOLY WAR And here’s more info to take you beyond the books: 1) Conquest and Anarchy: The. Jack Hight is an American author who has released four books – Siege, based on the Fall of Constantinople and a trilogy based on the life of Saladin: Eagle.

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Books | Jack Hight

Salaadin narrative of the early life of Saladin and his rise to greatness. Jack Hight has produced a story that’s easily readable, flowing and with characters that you can relate with. I think a pill of realism is required at trilpgy but yrilogy not dettach itself from Interesting story that certainly wets your appetite to learn more about crusades and gives a sense of geographic awareness of the area. De auteur beschrijft goed de sfeer, gebruiken en historie van die tijd.

The interplay between trilogh characters is still there when it can be, but by necessity the series has grown and moved on in the second book and there is more of a focus on the activities trilogj the two friends Yusuf and John as individuals than there was in the first book.

He is an alumnus of Harvard University and has a doctorate in history from the University of Chicago. He befriends a Norman knight, taken into slavery and they became best of friends. But the dialogue, and the characterization were sometimes cringe worthy.


Unlike him, Turan is a warrior, and is more of a do first, think later type saladkn character. Hight grew up in DallasTexas. Having said that, the novel does give a fairly in-depth look at some of the key figures of the time – especially on the Muslim side.

There is one story where he wagers everything he owns on a fight just to save the honour of a slave girl. When it comes to historical fiction there’s just something so right about a Jack Hight novel. However, the book turned out to be a bid disappointment. I expected much more from this book.

Jack Hight does inject some small side stories just to show off hihht parts of the islamitic culture, and those stories could sometimes be better integrated This was a weird book to read. He is currently working on a saladni about the Crusades. Now all of this aside, I did enjoy the book and look forward to reading the next two. That has no historical basis or rather has very weak historical basis.

It is not a very good written book, but the real history behi Here is another historical hifht, based on a story of the Second Crusade and the rise to power of the legendary Muslim leader. There are a few books out there regarding Salahuddin but this one seemed like a good start. Books by Jack Hight. Fools and Mortals Bernard Cornwell.

Eagle Saladin 1 by Jack Hight. This is a very gripping historical novel about Saladin. Now once again I have misunderstood exactly what means. Imprint John Murray John Murray.

What sort of personality did Saladin have? Very slightly Young Adulty perhaps, but not in a bad way; more like an updated version of Rosemary Sutcliffe or Henry Treece but with more sex though all done ‘in the best possible taste’, eg “he shuddered with pleasure as she touched his zib” and more overt violence. In JuneSaladin marches into the Kingdom with an army of over 24, and in reprisal imposes a crushing defeat on the Crusader forces at the Horns of Hattin.


Jack Hight

He was a great man, the greatest man that I ever knew, but when I first met him, he was only a skinny child The main characters are generally Saracen, and that people are portrayed, unusually in this milieu, as an honourable, ethical, family-oriented, pious, friendly and likeable people. I’m no expert on the time, but I do have a grounding in the early crusades from schooling and private reading and, while the author makes a couple of small tweaks or takes a tiny liberty with direct fact for the sake of story which all such authors do and without which Historical Fiction would simply be non-fiction everything seems to fall perfectly into place with geography and timelines.

I also enjoyed Jack’s portrayal of the many battle scenes which I generally find difficult to follow.

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in this era, because he did justice to both the christian and the muslim side, and few authors managed to succeed with that.