Often deemed unstageable, Artaud’s short play Jet of Blood, or Spurt of Blood as it is sometimes known, was written in , but not performed. bites the gigantic wrist, and a spurt of blood splashes across the stage before all Densely packed as it is, Artaud’s Jet de Sang can be read aloud in about five. Jet of Blood, adapted from Antonin Artaud, directed by Olivia Allen. Designed by Adam Gardnir, lighting by Luke Hails, sound by Hayley.

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The Spurt of Blood

With such observations in mind,Theatre of Cruelty chose to leave the timeless, placeless world of Artaud behind and embark upon a historically allusive interpretation.

Or does art hold no meaning in “real life”? One reason might be that the whole is enclosed in a aryaud of dream. It is argued that the ruin left in the wake of this destruction is not the ultimate goal.

Perhaps the most telling symptom is the lack of disgust in this show. Manic Mondays Frances Cocktail Lounge. Pf not hard to imagine Michael Palin or John Cleese delivering the following lines from the show: The strange characters emerge from darkness and vanish in a vortex of dream images.

Letter to Jacques Riviere, June 5 Baal, the first king of the Christian Hell, best known to us as Beelzebub.


Happily, the good moments far outnumber the bad ones. The Knight is wearing a suit of armor from the Middle Ages and the Nurse has enormous swollen breasts.

Apologies for the delayed answer: However the production was never mounted. But more problematically than that, the show demonstrates limitations of imagination, rather than its liberation. He introduces the first scene of the play, a Young Man Simon Stone and Uet Woman Amelia Bestsitting up in twin beds, proclaiming their love for each other and their satisfaction with the state of the world.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just to be very clear: The first production took place almost 40 years after it was written, during the Royal Shakespeare Company ‘Season of Cruelty’ in Artaud, on the other hand, claimed he was recording intolerable realities from which there was no escape.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that this play would be very easy to sit through. I think also that Artaud’s writings, like some other modernists the Futurists, for example, or Ezra Pound’s support of Fascism have some uncomfortable implications. Alison, You extend the blodo critiques that have always been attached to Artaud’s work to a new outrageous and aryaud level by comparing Artaud to violent terrorist killers Osama bin Laden and Pol Pot.

A new performance criticism website from Alison Croggon and Robert Reid.

Jet of Blood – Wikipedia

This, he says again and again in his acute self-analysis, is a result of his mental illness. The world is created, and then desecrated by us, while we still cling on to notions of innocence and love. I admire Artaud’s writing, and I greatly admire many of the artists who are influenced by his work.


So I suppose to answer your question – How does one realise Antonin Artaud on stage? Flexibility is paramount in a show such as Spurt of Blood. Artaud envisioned a theatre was, at its core, religious: Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: The tableaux she creates are often comic as well as dreamlike: By Aimee Levitt By Deanna Isaacs The performers are impressive, meeting the challenges of this production with polished physical skills and commitment.

Unfortunately, they’re concentrated in the first half of the show. The Spurt of Blood both irritates and fascinates with its jagged idiom and its direct narrative style.

The Spurt of Blood | Performing Arts Review | Chicago Reader

He shouldn’t have; Artaud himself was a great fan of the Marx Brothers and a firm believer in the anarchic irreverence of comedy. The Priest asks the Young Man about his corporeal body, and the Young Man replies by turning the conversation back to God. Challenging, stringent avant chamber play. Jet of Blood was completed in Paris, on January 17,perhaps in its entirety on that day alone.