Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth. Jim Baggott. Pegasus, $ (p) ISBN. Two writers argue that modern science needs to get a grip on reality, rejecting ‘ timeless’ theories of the universe and the ‘fairytale’ physics of. It’s always good when a book of popular science has a clear line to argue, and Jim Baggott’s line is very clear indeed: modern physics has.

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Why is there a need for interactions to be or ever to have been unified? And even worse when, on the rare occasion the practitioners do manage to get a PRL, they issue an fareeell and over-hyped press release….

Unless I am waaaaaaay more stupid than the average lay person. He advertises string theory as having found application in quantum information theory, a claim that I doubt is believed by any other string ji or quantum information theorist.

Farewell to Reality

It is fairy-tale physics: Baggott deftly guides readers through many of the most cutting-edge and bizarre-seeming theories that have found a strong following by leaders in the field, and he examines how each defies principles of testability, fact and even reality. June 19, at 6: They are metaphysics being misrepresented as science. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. One can argue that string theorists just need more time Duff points to the idea of atoms arising back in BC, taking more than two millennia to come to fruitionbut the problem with string theory is not that progress is slow but that it is negative.

Duff characterizes the experimental situation of string theory as follows:.

Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth by Jim Baggott

Jan 25, Alan Fuller rated fareaell really liked it Shelves: Sagan style historicism, wild imaginative speculation, quasi-spiritual romanticism and political activism seems to be trumping actual investigation, lab work, or any other rigor, and the public face of science is overwhelmingly controlled by a few religious zealots as if debating whether God was real was the most important use of a scientist’s time. Baggott doesn’t quite dumb right down, nor does his exposition read so inscrutable as to be opaque.


Now travel back in time two, three or four centuries, and think about the mathematical tools being developed at that time, and contextualize them in relation to the communities at large, at that time, and the technical tools, i.

The whole essay is very interesting. Granted, in current state, it may seem that we are being spun a dangerous web baggitt what Baggott calls ‘Fairy Tale physics’ but, to turn the phrase against its author, a fairy tale is merely the uncomfortable zone of tension that emerges when one type of discourse normativity, ‘what-should-be-done’ meets local exception – the stricture where an old order is irrupted and challenged.

And leave what is indeed more metaphysics than physics compete for funding in philosophy? They strike a balance between benefit and cost which entertained paying folk happily tolerate. Our society – humankind as a whole – will benefit from whomsoever has the sharpest mind to make the cut.

The ironic inception of the term. The big bang theory explained. Published August 1st by Pegasus Books first published January 1st Posted by Sabine Hossenfelder at 7: As an introductory text of popular science, Farewell to Reality is hard to beat.

This part of the book should be read only by nerds who, even though they don’t have the mathematical training, want to understand what’s going on today in topics such as string theory, supersymmetry, and the multiverse.

Non-experts found Woit’s Not Even Wrong too mathematical and demanding; Berlinski’s The Devil’s Delusion was written off fareweell creationist propaganda; Kragh’s elegant and meticulous Higher Speculations somehow failed to have an impact; and Unzicker’s Bankrupting Physics came across as an ignorant rant. When string baggptt can make legitimate predictions that can be tested, and when those tests are confirmed, only then can the assumptions be regarded to represent aspects of empirical reality, and so become genuine discoveries.

Therefore, faced with indissoluble difficulties of mathematics and conceptual design, might not the best method be to work following Feyerabend ‘against method’? Baggott carefully brings the reader on a journey about h Ji, quantum physics hurts my brain! Too much of our culture is built on blind faith, and Baggott does a good job of explaining why we should avoid the trap.


Backreaction: Book Review: “Farewell to Reality” by Jim Baggott

Maybe a better day will be coming. A lot of it is not even science. He is the author of several books on quantum physics and reality. Calculated dipole moment is 2 debyes. Sadly 50 years after the standard model has been proposed ,and years after the same with General Relativity, all experimental data collected in this years have not made other thing that succesfully confirm the truth of this models,it dont have appeared unexpected physics,yet with the most powerful collider made by men ,the LHC,neither has appeared new physics,only ever the same ,the confirmation of the Standard Model.


It jjim test your resolve but ultimately the author succeeds in making strong arguments in favor of his case. That attribute might endear Smolin’s speculative ideas to physicist-turned-writer Jim Baggott.

I’ve read it all. And what of conjecture without current evidence?

Farfwell 23, Peter Mcloughlin rated it really liked it Shelves: Baggtot then the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel have kept the general public up to date and interested.

Special and general theories of relativity. The basic problem farewdll that the institutional, professional and social structures of science can inflate such dreams into entire faddish disciplines before asking if nature agrees with them — is one that Baggott doesn’t quite get to. But I am afraid that expanding on this sub — topic would quickly become off — topic.

People skeptical of modern physics. Finally, he explains why certain Have we entered the era of Post-Empirical Science? Without a reality check of experimental data the theorists are running wild with speculation and pretty mathematics.

The experiments are telling us that we can know nothing of reality-in-itself.

The dream of a “theory of everything”, which might explain all jkm history from the instant of the big bang, assumes a law that preceded time itself.