Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Struggling with sexual abuse from his father and his mother’s denial. Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ALA Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Book Award. DREAM BOY confirms the. Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A prizewinning playwright shares the stunning and heartbreaking.

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And I thought things could get better for both of them and that the “tragedy”-whatever it was- wouldn’t be that bad. During the trip, they discover an abandoned and possibly haunted plantation house and Nathan and Roy are discovered in a compromising situation. It seemed as if that elaborately, subtly constructed castle of prose and all the thoughts and feelings it provoked — all my sorrow and horror and hope and enchantment — were only sand after all, a con, and the whole thing abruptly sifted away through my fingers.

Nathan is accepted into Roy’s social circle and is invited to go on a camping trip with Roy and his friends Randy and Burke. But the blunt nature of this book left me wanting more.

That the Father would be arrested and thrown in jail or perhaps have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea just as Jesus suggested for those who abuse children Mark 9: Grimsley manages to create an aura of wonderment, joy even, in the boys’ sexual discovery while at the same time running an undercurrent of dread through the entire slim volume, foreshadowing the book’s heartwrenching climax.

Is he really dead? Beauty and despair as poles of human existence – a novel about young adults, but not for all of them.

Aug 31, Ije the Devourer of Books rated jjm liked it. The book’s power derives not merely from the fairly simple, straightforward story, but from the writing itself which is positively transcendent. So, yeah, when they began being sweet to each other, my hate turned to love instantly and my regret turned to craving to finish the book, to me the writing-style that I scorned before no longer seemed terrible.


First I couldn’t understand what it was. But what remains then? That seemed a good reason to read it. Once again, thank you, Sofia, for holding my hand and goi It was a page turner! Grimsley writes with soul of a poet that when he describes the attraction between the two boys, it is so palpable, I can feel it seeps through the pages and fill the empty grimaley around me.

Nathan comes from a troubled home. This book was NOT okay.

Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley

Patroclus remains the narrator even after he dies. According to the Scribner’s blurb post on Grimsley’s geimsley, “Roy at last openly accepts the younger boy as his lover.

There was a problem adding your email address. Jim’s first novel, Winter Birdswas published by Algonquin Books in Dreamm have to think about it some more and leave thus vague.

That’s why I couldn’t stop reading. I have so many ideas on this ending, but if I Dream Boy is haunting, in a “I have to re-read it or else it’ll drive me crazy” way. Preview — Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley. So what is this novel? Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Algonquin Books; 1st gimsley January 9, Language: That’s what was also turning me away from this book was the fact that aside from sexual experience there was literally nothing else going on at all.

It didn’t take me very long to read it, because I couldn’t put it down, but partly because it was very short, too. The insta-love was really too fast.

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I know not everyone agrees with my thoughts on it, and it is meant to be ambiguous so there is no real right and wrong on what your personal take is. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Though the sex never feels prurient, the novel is unrelentingly sexual. But with its topic can be called, disturbing any way you look at it. I, too, read Dream Boy in one sitting and, upon finishing, felt bereft, devastated for days afterward.


Save this one for later if you’re searching for a happy ending – while it has nothing in common with sunshine or prancing unicorns, I promise that vrimsley make you think. It starts out as more of a romance – and you do have to dig a little for stuff to like about Roy.

I am perturbed grmsley the character who “died” was somehow “alive” and that they ran away.


Then in the change of mood ensued when they were inside the mansion, romance to horror to tragedy. Through the eyes of a professional who works with children and is trained to be alert to abusers and to the abused whether children or adults.

Roy’s long strides set an easy pace and his silence engulfs Nathan so that both move with attention to quiet. And Nathan whether alive or dead also managed to escape and move to freedom. What’s the point of it? Other Book Industry Professional. Sep 01, Nancy rated it really liked it.

I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to read it on my own. For collections desirous of a “problem” coming-of-age story with a gay theme, this might be a good bet. A dream within a dream? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There’s a difference between an author deciding to leave aspects of his work ambiguous and failing to explore certain characters, motifs, etc. I am sorry for my English; I am not a native speaker. On the surface this book may appear to be about a relationship between two boys, but it has a dark undercurrent and themes that can capture one’s mind long after reading.