Kozol’s intended purpose is to inform others on what Illiterates go through on a daily basis. As well as, how other people think of the idea of. Kozol often quotes from interviews with illiterate adults. Some of these adults provide him metaphors for illiteracy in the form of stories. Reread. The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society by Jonathan Kozol points out the hardships that people go through on a daily basis because they are.

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It is very persuasive and effective essay that showed the fact of people without literacy have lower quality of life and how they deny their rights and their interests in the society. There was one that I had seen before. Kozol is skillful and talented when using many credible sources and quotations to persuade the readers and attracted them into his article.

I read it to them: Since he does not provide this information it makes it harder for the reader to completely understand or identify with these people and really know cosg it could be fixed.

The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society. Illiterate is a threat to government.

The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Besides defining some new terms and phrases, Kozol also evaluated the problems, provided reasons and gave solutions such as: This is a very key point that he misses in the piece of the writing.

He also showed many examples and evidences to prove his ideas.

He gives mind blowing statistics, including the 60 million people that are functionally illiterate inand first-hand quotes from some of those 60 million; but leaves too much up to the audience making his argument weak.


He does not give a solution to the problem either. Bloom, Lynn Z, and Louise Z. The illiterates can easily make mistakes in every single day. How to cite this page Choose cite format: There was other signs above the ramp. The oc are unable to read school letters that their illitreate emailed them.

In conclusion, illiteracy is a common and widespread- an issue in every society and countries, especially the undeveloped or poor ones such as Africa, Vietnam and China.

They cannot even follow directions of ethical drugs on a bottle or read and sign in the contracts to live in an apartment; they also cannot go or take journey freely by their own ways.

He believes illitrate the illiteracy rate in the United States is a serious issue that affects not only the people who are illiterate but also those who are not. His main reason is because of the suffering people go through on a daily basis because they are illiterate and cannot function in society at the same level as fully literate adults.

He does not directly define what illiteracy is or why the rate is so high. Since he does not provide any sort of hard evidence it makes things very easy for anyone who would like to discredit him and his work. I stood at the bottom of the ramp. Therefore, his writing could be interpreted by the reader as a political statement rather than a fight for the illiterates in the United States.

Accessed December 31, The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society by Jonathan Kozol points out the hardships that people go through on a daily basis because they are functionally illiterate.

Zn are human beings. Home Contact Us My Account. It is not enough for the reader to believe what he is writing. I asked for the police.


The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society

Therefore, his argument is weaker because of the lack of evidence to make the reader believe what he is trying to convey. How about receiving a customized one? It is absolutely not limited to any pedigree, area illiterwte social-commercial class. Kozol leaves it up to the audience to decide all of those things based on what he provides in the text.

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In the excerpt we are given he does not describe how, or in this case why these people are fully grown adults who are unable to write or read at an eighth grade level. The problem with this is that different people with different views or backgrounds will interpret the text in their own way. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

He is 76 years old. After showing the effect of illiteracy on politic field, Kozol provided many evidences and instances to prove another his point of views.

“The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society” by Jonathan Kozol by Derek Jenkins on Prezi

The Cost of Health Care. There was a phone. Click to learn more https: The number of illiterate adults was increasing and created many issues for their countries.