This Interim Operations Manual (2nd Edition) has been prepared to provide CFPSA .. The JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form – DND The preliminary instructions shall advise the JTF 2 applicant to bring the following Section C of the JTF 2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form. Interim Operations Manual for the Special Operations COXSWAIN Physical Fitness Selection Test CANFORGEN /14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2).

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Shitty home jtf22 barbells can be lbs. When I was still in the army, JTF2 and CSOR guys would come do a recruitment sort of info session once a year and it was always pretty cool even though they couldn’t say too many details.

Welcome to Nanual, the front page of the internet. Even if it is m shorter distance, there’s no way. You are in far better shape than average if you can meet those standards.

Fucking hell, these aren’t men; they’re demi gods.

Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Forces. The journey to becoming a member of JTF 2 is not easy, and training is rigorous and highly selective, but the courage and strength individuals will gain as a candidate will stay with them for their entire life. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Then there’s the 9 month SOAC that you have to pass afterwards. The skills all come later and I’d say most focused people can learn them but it’s about being able to carry lbs of kit over brutal terrain with major sleep deprivation, no food and in all the elements nature can throw at you.

They stopped talking about her years ago but they used to mention it on their official website before they canned the site. Biggest, scariest and super intense guy all while being very friendly at a BBQ. TBH, that’s pretty reasonable. The minimum score of 75 are pretty much what was expected on my infantry courses anyways, but I’ve never seen this sheet before. Why do “Supports and Specialists” have more stringent requirements than “Assaulters”?


The best runners I know are in the army. Basic military swimming skills are in there, but you’re not expected to be able to jtt2 m freestyle in under 8: I’d have to check but m swim is in there. You’re trying to tell me that a random bunch of army men can run only 10 seconds per mile slower than elite athletes? This content is protected!!! But I was super happy he was on our side.

Category B Specialists are screened and selected as per Category C personnel. SOF personnel ktf2 the ability for continuous analysis of the situation, environment, mission aims and unique foreign societal complexities during operations.

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Nope, not even close. It’s just more common to say “mile and a half” then 2. If you experience any issues with jff2, please don’t hesitate to contact the moderators. Upon its establishment, JTF 2 contained approximately personnel, divided between assaulters two-thirds and support personnel one-thirdcomprised of Day, However I doubt I can bench more than 65lbs.

Nous parlons français ici aussi!

Navy Seals weren’t well known after Vietnam even mmanual they were kicking as. I like it that way. I like seeing this post right up next to the poutine one but can’t for the life of me figure out why as a fat guy I clicked this one first.

Haha yeah the wikipedia article on them is the shortest ever The Green Berets were all the craze because of some articles and movies.

Joint Task Force Two (JTF 2)

Seriously, take any skinny but athletic enough kid and he can do situps to his heart’s content. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Can anyone explain why a cat B supporter needs a faster time than an assaulter to score level 20 or higher in the run? In other words, if you meet the requirements titness are eligible to go through selection, the standards for which are of course classified.


During the assessment process, candidates may decide that the job, as previewed during the assessment process, is not right for them, and maual voluntarily withdraw VW.

Nobody gonna draft our ass for the next big clusterfuck.

Unless it get really bloody. Upon successful completion of the Special Operations Assaulter Course, the candidate will officially become one of the approximately members of JTF 2. Thank you for your understanding. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It’s not something you can just head to the track and throw down without the proper training. It is essential that candidates arrive fully fit, carrying no injuries and with a sound grasp of basic navigational techniques.

This course prepares support personnel for their duties as a member of JTF 2 and ensures a heightened level of deployment readiness. I want tough intelligent self motivated thinkers, who can kill with out hesitation “. You do have to be above average with your fitness but you don’t need to be an athlete to pass it. The Maturation of a National Capability. If you did that you went to the American school of your choice on a full-ride scholarship.

Any CF member can apply to go for selection – clerks, cooks, pilots, anyone.

Physical Fitness: Jtf2 Physical Fitness-training Program

But now, I’m a year-old fatty with damaged knees, and there’s no way I’d come even close to qualifying. I think my PR when I swam competitively hovered just above the 9: You will either pass or fail the course, and even if you pass the instructors can give the final say. It’s crazy because you know these guys gitness usually in great shape but it’s all about the mind set.

It’s a requirement but not the sole deciding factor.