Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – From New York Times bestselling author and queen of romance Julie Garwood comes this classic novel of a medieval lady. Gentle Warrior was Julie Garwood’s first published romance from way back in , and although I mostly enjoyed it, I would have to say that it showed some of . In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she.

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The is a romance novel set in England in the year of There’s no forced seduction or rape, but if I hadn’t gone in knowing this was a Garwood book and what to expect, I may have expected it to happen. This way there is a slower build of sexual tension.

Feb 24, Tracey rated it did not like it Shelves: October Group Read: I mean, the villain conspired to kill the heroine’s parents. Add to Cart Add to Cart. I begin to wonder if the book originated in another language and was incompetently translated; gzrwood would explain it.

If it had been my book it probably would have ended up embedded in that vending machine, but I couldn’t hurl a book that didn’t belong to me, even if that stellar first chapter did feature a woman allowing a “massive” hawk to land on her bare arm. These complaints don’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the story Aug 10, C rated it jlie liked it Shelves: My favorite part was the last line. I don’t care if this idiot does have some kind of psychic link to her hawk I think she didit’s a bird.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But I have, juli so my expectations were a little high, and easily crushed. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

The book was originally published inthough, and I think that’s why this hero is so much more borderline than Garwood’s other heroes that were written later. Well, except for ju,ie Garwood refers to Elizabeth’s mare as “him”. The pair “battle” their way to discovering their love for one another while working to defeat those who would do them harm. I egntle reminded of it by gentld another romance novel review note to self: The writing Something interesting about this book that I had never really noticed before, and something that made it a little more difficult to read than most of Garwood’s novels, was the way she wrote the characters’ silent thoughts.


She witnessed her entire family, with the exception of her little brother, be massacred by greedy men who wanted her father’s land, and is now hell-bent on seeking vengeance against them. More books from this author: I’ve thought about this book now and then, wondering what it was. Transitioning from motion to stillness. Bent on revenge, she rode again through the fortress gates, disguised as a peasant…to jylie aid from Geoffrey Berkley, the powerful baron who had routed the murderers.

Synopsis – Julie Garwood

Elizabeth refused to give up. It will hentle on. It only made me roll my eyes and pray that they would just stop being childish and get serious already! The dogs are mentioned in the beginning and then also kind of ignored. Baron Geoffrey Berkley has come to find the murderers and bring them to justice.

Gentle Warrior

Many, many times I had to go back and re-read to see what was thought and what was actual dialogue. No trivia or quizzes yet. The pledge was given.

Definite adults only material, not for the faint of heart. There are many of the trademark Garwood elements here such as a temperamental alpha hero who has a gentler side; a feisty, independent heroine; lots of spirited, humorous banter between the pair; and love scenes that were pretty steamy for the time period in which they were penned. Tell us what you gareood, so we can send genle books you’ll love.

Unfortunately, the knight was severely injured during the battle and is quite ill. It also makes use of t 1. It’s sweet – and at times quite funny – to watch their relationship develop: A decent book but my least favorite by JG. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!


Gentle Warrior – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

One last problem; this book was simply too long. Having survived the massacre of her family and being exiled from her family’s castle, Elizabeth makes it iulie mission to gain revenge on the man who destroyed her family and regain possession of Yet another winner by Julie Garwood!

For a large part of the book he only yells at her and then sleeps with her to yell at her some more later and frankly it’s just child’s play exepct the sex of course. May 09, Jessica rated it did not like it Shelves: Instead of being completely despondent, as would be wholly understandable, she’s intent on avenging her family and taking revenge on the man responsible for their deaths, while also doing her best to protect her younger brother, who is in danger since he’s warriog heir to their father’s holding and was one of the intended targets of the massacre.

Oct 21, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: In this story, everything happens right up front, leaving only their journey to figuring out that they have fallen in love somewhere along the way. You see, a good while back pre-Goodreads I went to work and forgot to take a book with me. Paperbackpages. He showed no heart or warmth in her portrayal of him.

Needless to say, Geoffrey and Elizabeth have a clash of both personalities and wills as they try to create a lasting, affectionate marriage. Really more like a 2.

November Group Read- Gentle Warrior.