Jurji Zaidan was one of the leading thinkers of the Arab h his historical novels, his widely read journal, al-Hilal, which is stillpublished t. Tree of Pearls, Queen of Egypt by Jurji Zaydan, Translated from the Arabic by Samah Selim, BUY DIRECT from Syracuse University Press. By writing historical novels, Jurji Zaidan wanted to provide the common Arabic people with an accurate sense of their own history in an.

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Lewis was fired from the Syrian Protestant College for lightly praising Charles Darwin in a speech that he made to students of the college. Comments for this article: The scholar’s accuracy with which he approached each novel is further demonstrated by his frequent inclusion of documented sources, frequent footnotes and introductory chapters that provided historic, cultural and geographic context to the historic event of choice [6] The entertainment aspect came in with a love story between fictitious characters and a mystery of some sort to maintain reader interest.

Jurji Zaydan

It is set in France at the beginning of the eighth century and describes the Arab invasion of France and how the Franks, under the leadership of Charles Martel, united to stop their advance jurij Europe. He founded Al-Hilalthe foremost cultural and literary journal in the Arab world.

But the visit served another purpose: In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Most Recent Photo Essay. It won the Arkansas Arabic Translation Award. He has enjoyed a widespread popularity. Historical accuracy thus took firm precedence over plot and character development in murji of his novels, and he was often critical of Hurji writers who bent historical fact to fit their literature, claiming such liberties misled the general public.


But George Zaidan, who was born 25 years after his grandfather died, was occupied with other things.

Jurji Zaidan’s Arabic Historical Novels: Educating and Entertaining the Public –

And, for reasons that he and Samah Selim explain very well, the novels are worth reading anyway. Jurji Zayran and his family circa He attended the university around the same time as Ya’qub Sarrouf —who first jurij Self-Help into Arabic and would later found the magazine Al-Muqtataf The Elite, with whom he shared ideals of modernizing the Arab world and emphasis on individual success through hard work.

He is also considered to have been one of the first thinkers to help formulate the theory of Arab nationalism.

Christians believe that he was crucified at Golgotha outside Jerusalem — only to rise xaydan the dead three days later. Educating and Entertaining the Public.

Thirty articles and excerpts from his scholarly works were translated for this book. Until recently, Zaydan’s works were not available in English, bur they have been translated in a dozen other languages.

He began publishing his most influential project, the magazine Al-Hilal The Crescent in Jurji Zaidan’s grandson was absorbed first in his studies, then in the zayean publishing business, and later in his long career at the World Bank. His primary aim remained steady throughout his publication of Al-Hilal and his historical novels: Zaidan’s unfinished autobiography ends here.


Zaydan is the author of two canonical, multivolume histories of Arabic literature and Islamic civilization and twentythree historical novels. Since then, interest in Zaidan’s work has been building.

The volume consists of three parts. Zaidan set immediately about a scheme to bring some of the novels into Jurrji. Jurji Zaydan — was one of the most important Arab writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Freemason belief that universal knowledge existed and should be available to every person appealed to intellectuals like Zaydan as well as their quest to tap into this knowledge.

Though his novels did not follow a logical timeline, they were all centered on some aspect of Islamic history. Copyright Syracuse University Press. Subscribe to our newsletter. He established his rule over Egypt and Syria and zaydaj the Ayyubid dynasty. Making his views and works available to non-Arabic speakers would promote intercultural understanding at a time when Arab and Islamic thought is not sufficiently known or understood in the west.

It’s all terrific stuff. Retrieved from ” https: An Jurki Alexandre Dumas: