Silicon Junction FETs XIAOSHENG Symbol: Drain LH03 Series of Products interconvert: 2SK30A Gate Source Silicon N-Chinnel Junction FET „ Application: For. KSK Silicon N-channel Junction Fet . Design. This datasheet contains the design specifications for The datasheet is printed for reference information only . Part Number: K30A Function: 2SK30ATM / K30A FET Silicon N Channel Juction Type Maker: Toshiba Pinouts: K30A datasheet. Description.

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The low side cutoff is now about 60 Hz.

2SK30A-Y TO Transistor FET 2SKY K30A K30 TOSHIBA NOS. Laboratorio Musicale

Or would a couple of 2SK still offer comparable noise performance compared to the LM? I guess I might be able to swing a hundred The cutoff frequency for the low side is Hz, and the cutoff frequency for the high side is Hz.

Try clipping the pot and resistor in before soldering it up, just in datqsheet I’m way off base here. Thanks a lot Fred! I may be up for a few to make your order up Login or Sign Up.

February 25, But I will be using the devices in hopefully an instrumentation based amp for line level buffering. I was looking at the PRR’s thread suggesting using a 48V supply and I can’t find data sheets for the 2SK’s so can any of the suggested fets run this high?


2SK30A-Y TO-92 Transistor FET 2SK30-Y K30A K30 TOSHIBA NOS

Just a little bump up, with a question. The 2N has the gate on right pin when viewing the flat side of the package. The main amplifer in the buffer will be a Forssell I’ll check them out. Thanks for the suggestions – when are you planning to buy some 2SKs? This shouldn’t be a problem in this circuit since the highest voltage in the circuit is 9V.

The datssheet resistor and the 0. Previous 1 2 3 Next. May 21, Started by zebra50 The Lab. The values in the tone stack are then pretty close to the tone stack used in the “Tone 2” position on the FY I remember thinking something similar when reading the PDF.

Should be able to get really low noise and offset with these. Common picks by professionals: That’s a pretty big chunk of the mids.

If I were building this circuit, and I had the 2N available, I’d give it a shot.

I’m guessing its a lot. December 21, You should be able to get a reasonably decent tone control by replacing the 22K resistor with a combination 3.


K30A Datasheet PDF

I was wondering if anyone knows of any JFET chips that feature a similiar number 50! I’m going to compare specs from the datasheets Hey Tamas – that sure sucks Tamas, let me know if you want a hand adding to your total buy of the 2SKs – I may be in for at that price if its not too much trouble.

Fred if I may be so bold – I have been looking at your schematic and was wondering how different the s are that I have?

So what else can be used when they are all gone?? However, I still use the K in critical locations.

The maximum gate voltage relative to source or drain on the 2N is only half that of the 2SK30A; 25V compared to 50V. Thanks for the tip Charlie! I use a pair of the 2SK single in place of the K all the time, and yes, I do buy them in 10k quanities.

K30A Datasheet PDF – ETC

Not much of a notch there. Cascodes, current mirrors etc Cheers Tom.

And J for switching?