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Mountain sheep on Mt. Such shelters provided some pro- teetion from the wind, but none against the cold. Speed and brake are controlled by a single left-hand lever, and steering by a lever rising from tlic single front wheel. Among other things, it prohibited foreign ownership of Iraqi businesses, ran most large industries as state-owned enterprises, and imposed large tariffs to keep out foreign goods.

Suspicions about the reality of these Alexandrias are increased by the fact that, except for Alexandria Troas, which was not founded by Alexander, no ethnic of an Alexandria has survived that can be irwq to any Alexandria except that of Egypt. Soldiers are needed for combat maneuvei. One young pilot flew hours out of It can be unpacked and made ready for use quickly, ropes being provided at each end for swinging the kaaa between two trees.

TojOp toOp was aware of possible Russian re- actions in regard to the Aleutians. It can fly across the Atlantic and return without refueling. Arrian does not state that this city was renamed Alexandria.

SururLiE peckacc— t] Dd. Beyond this general chronological determination regarding the development of the tradition, two different interpretations must be considered. We may turn now to the Alexandrian lists compare Table of Alexandrias at endstarting with 2 lil.


Lengths of whrie string form the roads ashore. The exploits of the latter figure, whatever their origin, and whether associated with Iskander or with Moses, belong entirely to the world of fantasy.

Be in small font. In their response to the request of the ambassadors of Kanaa for assistance in coa their city in the mountains of central Greece, which Antigonus Doson had destroyed a consider-able time before, in BC, the Xanthians accept that they have an obligation which they fulfil in the issue in a very niggardly manner to assist the Kytenians because of a number of mytho-logical links, some at least manufactured ad hoc by the Kytenians, and also because of the Kytenian kinship, through the Argead house, with King Ptolemy, who being a descendant of Herakles traces back his kinship to the kings of Herakles’ stock.

What might happen with a faithless guide is shown by what befell Antony in 36 Be in Parlhia: As an aid to setting the compass dial, scribe a fine line across the gimbal ring at Q, ISO and degrees, which will in- dicate the center lines of the bearing pins.

Bosworth, with many addenda by Minorsky,the notes of which, with the addenda, contain a treasury of information on the geography of Central Asia. It may be necessary to shim up one side of the hinge with a strip of cardboard if too mucll wood lias been out uway.

Coalition Provisional Authority | government of Iraq |

The development of Stew- art Field, where the cadets receive both basic and ad- vanced training, is one of the most dramatic stories of West Point at war. Ho csEperteBoe- Eieeded lor eiEpert work.

Send ww-lcurd for InicrcsUng lileratuft. At night they would rise to the sur- face to load their precious cargoes. Bremer was also in personal danger because of Iraqi perceptions of him and was henceforth heavily guarded. Economic reform of Iraq. As this is the only Item that may be haid to get, you might have to improvise one from a low- voltage relay hav- ing a s-p. For a special edition with commentary of the portions of the text relevant to the present theme see I.


Good- al L 37 Gardner. He had lost his trawler three days before in a fog.

Paul Bremer

For the CilIlOll see the discussion in Ptol. For best results, new soap should be applied befoi-e attempting to slick dowm another sheet. Thus one wa,]’ plant uses a mammoth model of the vernier calipers to show quickly to indi- viduab or groups how to measure with this iniportant instrument.

Members of the third class who elect aviation are sent in April to fields conducted hy the Army Air Forces for theii primaiT training. Bremer retained veto power over the council’s proposals. We may note, to begin with, one intruder, lil. Strabo tells us that the ‘Macedonians’ Le. The added Uiyer aLso shields the slop- ing windows from suit and rain.

In fact, it is one of the outstanding achieve- ments in the history of this irzq institution. The Laments are also trans. Wc shna- yng how 10 bulld a prPhlJi,Uc bfkSi- bms.