Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): First Fold (Front View) . send me the instructions on how to make the dragon. i understand it’s hard i like a. Diagrams in the book: Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Back View satoshi kamiya’s bahamut and if so can u please make a tutorial. Ancient Dragon, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Sergey Yartsev. Diagrams available in Works of Satoshi Kamiya

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I think the main difficulty here is that there are so many steps, and small errors add up. In step 24, you just open up the edge and squash it to the left using the second crease from the edge. I go on the site and it has japan writing.

If any one needs any help folding the ancient dragon let me know, I can not make any videos of itbut I can guide you step by step if you like. When you now the step 24 pls say it in simple english my english is not the best ;D thanks dertekuh2 yahoo. I don’t have spray glue so is there any other glue which I can use to create tissue foil??? The papers just tears even though I’m super gentle with it, but I’ve watched your video on how to make double tissue and tissue foil, so I was planning on getting to make that soon: Plus, paper choice is so important, because most paper can’t handle that much creasing and holding in your hands and fiddling around with.


Sorry if I make many mistakes but here in Bolivia English is not the official language. Now i wanted to ask you if you can give me some challinging modles or models you’ve designed by yourself. Leave this field blank.

More information about text formats. Hope this helps, — Sara. By the way the paper was very, very big.

Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya): Front View

Have you folded the ancient dragon? By the way your vidoes are awsome! You satosi thin, but strong paper to get a nice result. I’d rank it on my scale as super-complex. I’ve made many complex models nearly any out of the book of Satoshi Kamiya and made Bahamut on first and ancient deagon on second try.

I’ve only folded the model once, and that was from double tissue. Where to get the book except for in the internet – in Japan, maybe at larger origami conventions, I’m not sure where else.

Will Nicholas Terry Tissue Foil 60cm by 60cm work for this origami I would appreciate it if you answered my question. HiI just manage to complete folding the ancient dragon using the Satoshi Kamiya book, it is extreamly difficult.

As to reading diagrams – it depends on your preference. I recommend using double tissue: Last time I checked, someone had a set of short tuts on a few steps at a time. Also see a picture of the front view. I’ve had that problem a lot with some models. Not forAncient dragon but if its short enough can you do john montrolls three headed dragon? First Fold Back View. Where can you get tissue foil?


If anyone can help me i would appreciate it. Please buy the book if you’d like to get access to the diagrams. Can I have a free Diagram for this sample?

El arte del Origami: Ancient Dragon

Not sure how many steps, though. It might not be the tidiest fold, but I am still happy mamiya I managed to complete it this time round. That may also be linked to the necessity of clear instructions for more complex models and their mathematical take on origami.

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. It became too crumply and I cant see the creases i made anymore: I was wondering if you think I could use gift-wrapping paper satkshi make this model.

Diagrams in the book: It took me 5 weeks and 11 sheets of 60″X60″ paper, the paper it self plays a very important part in the folding, like Sara states, the paper has to be soft enough and strong enough to with stand the mutiply layer folding.

There are several good reasons length, complexity, requirements to skill and paper choice for the viewerbut the one that rules it out is that Satoshi Kamiya didn’t give me permission to do instructional videos on his designs.