The Lycian Way: Turkey’s First Long Distance Walking Route 3rd edition by Clow, Kate () Paperback [Kate Clow] on *FREE* shipping on. Did you know that the Lycian Way in Turkey, now considered as one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, was researched, designed. The Lycian Way has 34 ratings and 2 reviews. David said: By the time I was halfway done walking the Lycian Way, I had cursed Kate Clow; thrown her book a .

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Kate Clow, a long-time resident of Turkey, is a renowned sage of hiking in the region. Kate has also undertaken similar projects across Turkey.

As an expat, how did you become so interested in hiking in Turkey, and at what point fhe you know that Turkey would become your new home? I first visited Turkey in and spent three weeks trekking and visiting various historic sites.

I had thought of living in France, but that visit to Turkey convinced me that the Turkish countryside had a load to offer in terms of nature and history, and that the Turks were pretty easy to live amongst. A project the size of the Lycian Way must have involved the cooperation tye many different parties. What has cloe overall attitude been towards these trail projects amongst Turks? The local katr at first thought that I was totally mad, but at the same time were quite friendly and tolerant of my madness.

Now, of course, they really appreciate the trail as they are making a good living from the visitors to their pensions and cafes.

So Lgcian get a really great welcome all along the trail. The authorities were really confused — the concept of trekking tourism was completely unknown in Ankara and the Tthe, Culture and Forestry Ministries spent a year trying to pass this hot potato from one to another before we eventually got permission to mark the trail. The portion of the Lycian Way I hiked was stunningly beautiful.

Besides the scenery, what makes hiking in Turkey unique? Turkey has two incredible advantages — it was the gateway through which humanity lcow from the Middle East to Europe, and therefore hosts a maze of old roads and paths used since the dawn of time; it also, for the same reason, hosts a real botanic and natural diversity, with far more native butterflies, birds and plants than any country of similar size.

The trek was designed for independent trekkers; the new iPhone app makes the trail very accessible and easy to use. The website answers basic questions and helps you plan your holiday, the book gives detailed info on the walking conditions, the stuff you need and the facilities on the route, and the iPhone app guides you along the trail and to places where you can stay as well as interesting historical sites, etc.

Is there a portion of the trail that is your favorite for any reason? I like using old roads, because I enjoy speculating about their purpose and the people who made and used them, late looking for ruins in the forest or scrub.

  LEY 26689 PDF

Cloww there are some really spectacular viewpoints on the trail where you really feel high above and beyond civilization, open to the elements and in touch with yourself and the whole world. Maybe the area around Belos between Finike and Demre combines both lycain interests best.

It would be amazing to hike the whole trail, but committing to a month is difficult. What is the best way we can hike the lycizn in a long weekend?

This will give you two days on the trail with accommodation before you take a bus back to your starting point. Reading about the Erasmus students that got lost off of the trail this winter was scary- do you have any safety tips for hikers on trail? Work out how far it is to your destination and where you will spend the night they set out on an hour hike with no hope of reaching the end in daylight.

Be aware of your route: Finally, take a phone and use it! Yes, many, but you do tend to remember the stupid mistakes you make. Lycisn of the kindest people I remember was a goatherd called Ramazan.

I had tied my dog to his fencepost, when his cow escaped and charged at the strange dog. It was Ramazan who thd down the steep slope and lycisn the dog up to safety. The Lycian Way seems to be the most talked about trail in Turkey, but there are many other long distance trails now, including others you have founded.

Is there a trail that you think is under-recognized? Which ones are must-sees? Definitely the Carian Way will be the next successful trail, so hike it now before it becomes well-used. What are you working on now and what are your hopes for the future of hiking in Turkey?

Is there any way we could get involved? For the last two years, I have been working on setting up the Culture Routes Society and making it financially viable. With the help of workawayers and Erasmus students, we are just beginning to break even and to make an impression on trail tourism in Turkey.

As soon as the society can support itself, I want to get back to trail making.

Lycian Way | Culture Routes Society

There are two projects in particular that I would like to work on: From the point of view of the society, we have excellent links with the European Institute of Culture Routes and are close to signing an agreement to work with the Via Francigena to develop a route across Turkey which will be part of a network linking Rome with the Middle East. We are also part of the World Trails Networkwhich is a wide-ranging and professional organization of trail makers, and want to use this to promote the recognition of cultural and natural diversity along the trails.

This is gradually happening in our office, where we, with our members and friends, can now just about find and map our own trails, research the history and archaeology, identify the flora and fauna, maintain relations with local people and encourage them to start up accommodation, produce guidebooks, iPhone apps and websites, negotiate on conservation and permissions with the authorities, represent the trails at international meetings and welcome a wide range of drop-in visitors in several different languages.


So maybe the next step is to work with universities on the practicalities of their courses and student development. If any of your readers are studying relevant subjects and want to get involved over a period of a few months, please get in touch!

You can find more information on society members, contacts, trails, guidebooks, maps, and guided and self-guided tours, including biking, flower and bird tours at http: Although I did meet her niece in Brighton whilst learning Turkish and she almost made an appointment for a foot reflexology session!!!

I would like to respectfully add that Adrasan is also a great place to base yourself to explore lyciaj Lycian way, you walk from Adrasan to Olympos along the Lycian Way and also from Adrasan to Gelidonya as photographed in this article. You will find plenty of information in Adrasan for the Lycian Way and the hotel hosts are willing to take you various popular points along the Lycian Way to walk from.

The views in this area are fabulous!

In Conversation with Kate Clow of Trekking in Turkey

Such a great time I had hiking in Lycia, thanks. I am new in the country and do not feel like hiking on my own. The Lady is the first person to encourage me to go on a very very long journey which started with the Lycian Way… Thank you Kate… You might not remember me but try… I came to your house in Antalya one summer day with my wife, had a chat for a while and bought your book on Lycian Way… It was the year that an article about Lycian Way was printed in Atlas.

Thank you Kate, for all your work making this journey accessible through your guide. A Guide to Volunteering In Istanbul. Clow As an expat, how did you become so interested in hiking in Turkey, and at what point did you know that Turkey would become your new home? Clow The portion of the Lycian Way I hiked was stunningly beautiful. Clow It would be amazing to hike the whole trail, but committing to a month is difficult.

Trekking in Turkey The Lycian Way seems to be the most talked about trail in Turkey, but there are many other long distance trails now, including others you have founded. In Conversation with Atulya K. Please enter your comment!

Trekking in Turkey – Kate Clow and The Lycian Way

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