Back Issues|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Information|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Back Issue. KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL Japan EDITION Autumn.

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Last October marked the Shikinen Sengu renewal ritual at Ise Shrine, in which not only the buildings but more than 1, sacred treasures were remade. Tea Ceremony and the Roots of Green Tea. Subscribe Email address or password change Unsubscribe Reissue your password. To renew existing subscriptions previously ordered thru our customer support at Sekaibunka. Event Guide Japanese Texts. Low price offers are available for delivery all over the world. The seaside town of Kamakura, not far from Tokyo, has long been home and cultural nexus for a large contingent of writers, artists, and intellectuals.


Learn the skills and story behind this rebirth,focusing particularly on a set of treasures among treasures: Event Guide Japanese Texts. Answers lie in Okinawa, home to a higher percentage of centenarians for 37 years running than any other part of Japan, the land of longevity. Subscribe to Digital Magazine.

Information Tokyo Revealed, Part 2: Please send all inquiries directly to Japan Publications Trading Co. Kateigaho International Japan Edition. Several issues have images of geisha or maiko on the cover and cover aspects of their culture. Kqteigaho International Japan Edition is now also available as a digital magazine, to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere in the world. Kateigaho International Japan Edition.


Kateigaho International Japan Edition- Japanese culture, arts, lifestyle magazine

Visit our Facebook page showcasing large variety of vintage Japanese ephemera scans across various topics. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest news.

Click here for single copy orders of current and back issues Japanese website only. Meet Our Robot Friends! KIE Fall Issue, vol Pages with broken file links.

The island of Kyushu is home to an extensive range of flourishing craft industries. KIE Autumn Issue, vol 1. Inetrnational up for our email newsletter to receive the latest news.

Cast in the spotlight by the Group of Seven summit meeting held there inIse Shima in Mie prefecture is attracting new interest as a place to visit. Please choose from the ihternational shipping methods: Artist Interview Japanese Texts.

Kateigaho International Edition – ImmortalGeisha

We visit the workshops of five contemporary knifemakers, who explain the process of making the durable knives of Echizen. Prices are given in Japanese currency and includes shipping charge.

KIE Spring Issue, vol 7.

intenational Submit my order The above link directs you to “Fujisan. Bvlgari — The beauty of handwork Japanese Texts. The photographs are high quality and the articles are detailed and well written. Photographer and KIJE ambassador Everett Kennedy Brown explores the natural and historical riches of the area and savors the hospitality of the Hiramatsu Kashikojima hotel, opened just last July. Sushi is one realm in which many notable restaurants are actually beyond Tokyo. Prices, shipping methods and delivery time vary by country and distributor.


The above link directs you to “Fujisan. Artist Interviews Japanese Texts. Kateigaho International Japan Edition. KIE Autumn Issue, vol 9. Meet Our Robot Friends! Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest news. Artisans in the Takefu district of Echizen, a city in Fukui prefecture, have been producing quality knives for over years.

Please send all inquiries directly to Overseas Courier Service. Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Come along as we visit young artisans pushing the boundaries of traditional pottery in Saga prefecture, meet porcelain masters with specialized intermational in Nagasaki, learn about dazzling glassware with a long history, and explore the allure of bamboo ware in Oita.

Which ones will you choose? Payment by PayPal also accepted. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest news.

KIE Autumn Issue, vol Retrieved from ” http: It can be purchased without the extra shipping costs katiegaho is recommended for readers overseas. What better time to discover them all than during early summer, when forests and fields come alive with a glorious display of fresh green foliage?

Kateigaho International Japan Edition.