Selected as the CBC Canada Reads Winner! “A dazzling display of fictional footwork The author has not written just another hockey novel;. Paul Quarrington’s novel, Galveston, was nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize; King Leary won the CBC’s Canada Reads competition and the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Quarrington is the Canadian author of the King Leary – Kindle edition by Paul Quarrington. Download it once and.

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I am no longer not much of a fan of the game but I truly enjoyed this novel.

King Leary by Paul Quarrington

Gradually, more and more of the hinterland of the story is explored or, if you will, the pencil sketches he has drawn of others’ lives are gradually given shade and depth and perspective and this comes through encounters with his ‘fallen comrades’ arriving like Banquo’s ghost to chaallenge the equilibrium of his old age.

This book has an incredible voice and truly memorable characters and is easily the best novel kinh ice hockey I’ve ever read maybe the only one I’ve ever read–but that doesn’t take anything away from it.

The story is related by an old man living in residential care. Born in Ottawa and loving the Rideau Canal he became a hockey enthusiast from the time that he first laced up his skates and sped off on it’s smooth frozen surface. By that i mean he quarrignton not spoon feed his story all the time, he demands that we listen and concentrate and think.

Paup to his childhood and his days as an NHLer mix with the present on the trip laul Toronto. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book is, to coin a phrase, ‘the puppy’s butt’.


The reader is informed through the eyes of Percival Leary. This book is, of course, not necessarily for a Hockey fan. Louis Whirligig”, a movement, so we are told, of “unspeakable beauty”.

Jan 26, Clare rated it it was amazing. Percival “King” Leary is a great character and is drawn vividly by Quarrington. How can you dislike a book that makes such liberal use of such a great word?

Mar 10, Pooker rated it it was amazing Shelves: His band is Pork Belly Futures, which some of you may have seen, as well as his brother Joel, a musician, who often appears in Parry Sound with the Festival of the Sound.

See all books by Paul Quarrington. Aug 12, Gloria rated it liked it. The author creates humour through Percival Leary, in both the way he talks about hockey and in the way he talks with his Irish tongue. Percival Leary was one of hockey’s great heroes of the past, known as, lwary of the Ice”. The story ends with a rather traumatic visit to the Sports Hall of Fame in Toronto where he sees pictures and trophies of himself and many of his old buddies down through the years.

His last novel The Ravine was published in March Not being too well informed about hockey I found it rather difficult to sort out the real life players from the imaginary that Quarrington kinv in his novel but I’m sure that most readers will not have this problem. If you down a whole can, you can belch in a truly horrifying way, like a dragon about to eat a maiden.

That is what it is. Jordin Tootoo a former pro hockey player went through similar struggles.

He has fought against facing life because in facing it there would be, and indeed are, too many questions crying out for answers. The story quareington reverts to Leary’s younger days.

King Leary

I go through the alphabet thinking of novelists I have read. His unreliability as a narrator thus becomes the great strength of the novel. As Quadrington we know the history of our national sport, the drinking, carousing, corruption, the evolution of the game itself, the road trips, the trades, loyalties and loneliness, shame and glory.


But pxul mechanism for changing learh challenging seems so unwieldy that i can’t be arsed. Dec 22, Sarah rated it liked it Recommends it for: Paul Quarrington wrote this hockey kijg in but it has recently been re-issued and I think that it is the perfect, ‘cottage’ book for the summer. Gradually, piece by piece and detail by detail the true history of events unfolds. This won the “Canada Reads” contest, so yay for Paul Quarrington.

Notwithstanding that I haven’t yet read the other Canada Reads candidates, I’m quite prepared to say King Leary should be “la premier etoile”! Paul Quarrington, whose awesomeness I came to much too late.

Apr 24, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: Paul was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in May of I found that it was a fitting end pauo a hockey player. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Nov 28, Pages Buy. It’s probably for the best, though. Retrieved from ” https: I wouldn’t say to avoid it, but there are certainly plenty of other, better Canadian novels to read in lieu of this.

The author of ten novels, Paul Quarrington was also a musician most recently in quarringtob band Porkbelly Futuresan award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, and an acclaimed non-fiction writer. I did not dislike the book, I found it good, but there were areas that I struggled with.