Jovašević, Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije sa uvodnim komentarom, . 14 D. Jovašević, Međunarodna krivična dela – odgovornost i kažnjivost, Niš, , pp. Criminal code of the Republic of Serbia (Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije, ) under the group of criminal offenses against humanity and other goods. Parent Directory · Izvestaj-o-sprovodjenju-zakona-o-slobodnom- pristupu- . Krivicni-zakonik-Narodna-Skupstina-Republike-Srbije. pdf.

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Act of 14 November on Police. Contains provisions on authenticity and independence of reporting, responsibilities, relationship to sources of information, respect for privacy, recognition of authorship, and protection of journalists. Act of 23 November to amend and supplement repubike Act on health insurance.

Territorial organization Part Eight: Provides for conditions of settlement of collective and individual labour disputes, rights and obligations of mediators.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 24 September to amend and supplement the Act on organisation and jurisdiction of government authorities in prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes. Act of 28 November on Health Care.

Rights and obligations of public servants Chapter four: Constitutional Court Part Seven: Code of journalists of Serbia. Termination of labour relation Chapter eleven: Transitional and final provisions Serbia – – International agreement Agreement between Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Turkey on social insurance.

Labour Code of 20100 Republic of Serbia of 15 March Act of 5 May on the central register office for compulsory social insurance.


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Regulates the procedure for the enforcement of legal sanctions including confiscation of property, sentencing and detention. Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 22 December on the organization of courts. Act on Constitutional Courts, Agreement between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Belgium on social security.

Serbia – – Constitution Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Determines jurisdiction and bodies of bankruptcy procedure, procedural provisions, parties and participants, initiating, preliminary and opening bankruptcy procedures, bankruptcy estates. Competency of the Republic of Serbia Part Five: Act of 17 March on measures in case of state of emergency.

Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Amends several sections relating, inter alia, to the obligation of State employees take part in expert improvement exercises organized within the State body.

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Introductory provisions Chapter two: Department for occupational safety and health X. Provides for the creation of the Republic’s Agency for peaceful settlement of labour disputes.

Act of 23 March on Pre-school Education. Fundamental provisions Part Two: Contains provisions on legal regulations, and special provisions on illness, occupational disease and accidents, unemployment, old age, invalidity and death. Zakon o Odbrani – Adoption: Contains provisions for the establishment of courts and their independence, types of courts, organization, employees and their rights and duties, financial budget etc.

Public servants’ right to compensation of expenses and other payments V: Act on Gender Equality, Types of employments for public servants Chapter five: Serbia – – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.


Regulates the method of registration of employer’s associations and data to be noted into the Register. Zakon o dopuni zakona o radu – Adoption: Regulates the right to public information as a right to the freedom of expression of thought and the rights and obligations of the person involved in the public information process.

Act of 22 December on the organization of courts.

Transfer of public servants for the needs of labour Chapter eight: Act of 31 August to amend and supplement the Penal Code. Pension qualifying period VIII: Conditions to acquire rights deriving from pension and disability insurance VII: Parent-child relations Part Four: Employees’ rights in the event zakonio change of employer Chapter XI: Contains amendments to a number of articles, including article 13 on insurance of agricultural workers, article 41 on the minimum age for obtaining rights for old age pension insurance, and article 55 on specific categories of workers employed by the police and military.

Provides, inter alia, for cooperation in the field of education, health and social policy, protection of civil rights and liberties. Provides for means of control of financing of registered political parties, types of funds, financing of regular activities, and financing of expenses for electoral campaigns.