In our Resources page, you will also find a list of different kubotan techniques DVDs, manuals and videos that can aid your in learing to use the. There are few manuals which are really good and effective. Some of them are already quite old like the official kubotan techniques manual. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on This manual shows you step by step how to use the kubotan. Studied by.

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Some of these resources are listed in our kubotan training resources page. When it comes to self defense preparation, it is important to have as realistic training as possible. While this may sound like a solid self defense technique kbuotan some people, avoid doing it! Mostly there is a companion DVD for every available manual, one is the official kubotan techniques DVD and others manuxl we will talk about in other posts, but again in our estimation Kubotan Self Defense DVD for Sammy franco comes first.

Kubotan Techniques Manual Pdf ยท GitBook (Legacy)

How to target some of the best areas of the body to cause the most damage with the least amount of effort How to hold the weapon properly for delivering both bone-damaging strikes and crushing holds How you can quickly and easily master the basics of using this powerful weapon in practically no time at all.

How to choose yours? How to hold the weapon properly for delivering both bone-damaging strikes and crushing holds. But there are still some videos that are worth watching as they offer very good basic instructions on different techniques.

Kubotan for Self Defense Purposes

The mini stick is also the perfect self defense weapon for pressure point fighting because it permits a smaller person to generate a tremendous amount of striking power. They are also a great way to expand your knowledge and techniques about the subject. Actually, kubotann a worthless move that will simply enrage your attacker and most likely provoke greater violence. This is very essential in self defense situations.

Essentially, mmanual means you will need to work on strengthening your hand grip. In this post we will be compiling a list of resource to aid you in your kubotan training without or without a partner. Previous post How to use a Kubotan for self defense? Unlike other weaponsthe kubotan appears like an maunal key ring and therefore can be transported and concealed very easily. Kubotan high concealment – this concealment is used when your opponent is close to you either the punching or grappling ranges of unarmed self defense.


There are several ways you can do this and here are a few that I teach my students.

In the simplest form you can strike with the kubotan or use it for fist loading to improve your punching manua, but it offers much more than that. The book also provides a variety of basic techniques. Because we know that this book will give you something that you don’t have right now. Remember, I stated earlier the best targets for striking are sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin”. There are tons of Kubotan training videos on youtube. The most modern manual we have came across is Kubotan power by Sammy franco.

When I say retention, I am simply referring to “holding on to the kubotan” when delivering a powerful strike or applying it to a pressure point.

Kubotan training

What follows is a brief list of viable targets that you can use in a self defense situation. Categories Kubatons Kubotan techniques and defense Self Defense.

The Kubotan can be made out of a variety of different materials including steel, aluminum, wood and plastic so its actual weight will vary. However, such reality based kubotan training must be supervised by a qualified RBSD instructor. Find out how you can get Fortunately once you grasp those basic techniques you will never be dependent on your kubotan being with you, any thing that has such shape can be applied in similar fashion.

This kubotan stance is often used when you are caught off guard and don’t want your adversary to know you have a kubotan in your hand. If you’re a beginner and have never used a Self-Defense Keychain before, you will be adding a whole new dimension to your ability to protect yourself.

This youtube video illustrates the basic grip of the kubotan, the instructor also demonstrates different angles of attacks and pressure points you should target with the kubotan for maximum impact.

While every expert knows that there really is no such thing as a “best weapon,” this new Kubotan Book by Shidoshi Miller will show you that, when it comes to self-defense – having a weapon appropriate for the situation you’re in is the key yes, pun intended! As a special bonus feature of this awesome book – something that no one else has ever received As a matter of fact, there are other applications as well, such as hand grip techniques, stances and striking target factors that need to be taken into consideration.


Having that said the best training will be with a human partner to provide you with the most realistic training conditions. The book provides great information on Kubotans in general, how to buy and conceal your weapon. Once you got the basic understanding keep drilling the following kubotan fighting techniques until you kuotan do them instinctively.

We will also be compiling a complete play list in our media library. And, though the book focuses on a commonly available and inexpensive self-defense tool, it also shows you many alternatives that can mxnual found lying around every day that you can press into service in the same way.

The choice, though, as always The price of doing business in the streets. As a reality based self defense instructor, I’ve noticed that martial arts and self defense instructors place too much emphasis on striking with the kubotan and not enough on retention skills. The book also provides good advice on practicing drills.

Most untrained people assume the kubotan is simply used to strike an attacker in a vital target areabut in reality it performs many other functions and applications in self defense.

Categories Kubatons Kubotan techniques and defense Self Defense. Next post 7 Reasons to learn How to use a Kubotan now.

Combination Attacks It shows you For more information on using the body opponent bag for kubotan training, see our kubotan companion workout e-book. One of the best forms of training is to practice on a live training partner provided he is sufficiently equipped with protective gear.