Europiccola, designed in and Professional, in , are a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. A combination of style, quality and reliability. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece. La Pavoni’s Europiccola EPC-8 Manual Espresso Machine is a classic device that produces up to 8 consecutive high-quality espresso shots at a time.

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Try the stroke down from there again. I use both the single and the double for single-origins. In layman terms, “It sucks. What I did; was to go through it and replace all that I have found wrong with it. You may also like… Add to cart. If it is going well Ls will continue the pull to the bottom. I put the portafilter in with an empty basket and lift the lever fully Just for a second or two to let off false pressure, steam, and any impurities that may be on the shower screen.

They are high quality and still much cheaper than the La Pavoni baskets. By lifting the lever one raises a piston inside the group, allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. If you choke the pull do not immediately take off the portafilter! Domestic LineEuropiccolaLever Machines. If you have gotten the handle down far enough to be past the point where hot water is introduced to the grouphead; wait for about 30 – 45 seconds without further pressure on the lever.

I also descaled the boiler and put new high temp wiring under the boiler there europccola that old fabric kind that was horribly discolored and frayed.

You can use the setting II for initial heat up but stay close by because when it gets up toward temperature it needs to be europicxola down to setting I to make good espresso. But my wife thinks I have gone a bit overboard.


You will get a pressure release of hot water, and wet espresso all over the place. You have to learn your own tastes, and find the methods that work for you.

La Pavoni | Europiccola – EL

It has a new stainless steel heating element and gasket, a replaceable fuse Radio Shack to protect it from overheating, boiler to grouphead gasket, sight glass seals, spring for the pressure relief valve, and portafilter gasket. The large boiler ensures that limescale deposits have minimal effect, meaning minimum maintenance is needed. I have posted it. europiccolz

La Pavoni lever machine owners International users group. Double baskets for the Millenium models are now available for reasonable prices e. Coffee GrindersDomestic LineJolly. If you go on their website you will see you have many choices.

Go online and find a Internet seller that sells the “Elektra Leva ‘A’ machines and replacement filter baskets. Video Manuals Lever Machine.

On the single basket I also do the Fellini, at least one mini pull though often two. The user therefore can vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, ensuring it is made exactly according to his own ppavoni. It gives me an idea of what it can add to a blend and can lead to a nice balanced blend. Domestic LineEuropiccolaLever Machines. Perhaps it will be of some use here also But once you get to know Miss Pavoni, she will make the best espresso you’ve ever had in your life.

Best thing you can do is just try it out as many different ways as you can think of. Thoughts europicocla pressure profiling.

Professional — PL V: The one and a half pulls usually range in the 1. They are much deeper than the La Pavoni basket yet are the same diameter. But don’t go way over the sight glass level either. In the pictures I took to sell this unit I used the double basket sold by La Pavoni and it can make great espresso with practice. What the last owner did to this unit was to put a heavy spring in the pressure relief valve that must have increased the pressure and heat in the boiler until it forced leaks.


La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 Instruction Manual

Often times my single origin espressos are used more for testing a bean to use in an espresso blend. For example, the newer models have a simple on-off switch, and take a 51mm basket the Elektra basket will not fit. By forcing steam through the grouphead to the shower screen it not only overheated the espresso grind in the portafilter; it put undo stress and heat on the grouphead gaskets, boiler gasket, sight glass seals, and to much air from boiling the water continuously burner out the heating element itself.

I collect them, I use them and I thoroughly enjoy all different types of machines Coffee EudopiccolaDomestic LineJolly. Well by now you realize that these machines can be quite a kanual. By pavini this site, you agree to the site’s terms of service. Domestic LineOptionals. Continuing navigation consent to the use of cookies. I have three at pxvoni, one at my office and five in my shop. These machines rely on the lever operator you and the piston in the grouphead to create the pressure to force hot water approximately degrees F through the puck in the filter basket.